Helen's Diary

This is a transcription of some diaries I bought at an antique store near Toledo, Ohio. When the diary starts in January 1937, Helen is a young wife and soon to become a new mother. If you wish to read it, it's best to start with the first post - January 1937 (my oldest post) - and then follow along with her everyday life.

July 15, 2008

September, 1938

Thursday, September 1, 1938

Out to Mothers – downtown all day bought whole new outfit – there for supper. Baby so good – went to bed so nice – it certainly is wonderful to have her

Friday, September 2, 1938

Left Baby with Mother Sherman and went with Frank – took Baby to Dr – Weight 18 lbs 12 oz – had vaccinations – ate at Bud & Lukes – Home evening

Saturday, September 3, 1938 – Dad’s Birthday [He’s 45]

45 – cleaned house washed Baby things – Ride out to Mothers – gave Dad carton of cigarettes – stayed for supper – even. terrible cold – took dose of castor oil

Sunday, September 4, 1938

My head is like a Baloon – sneezing and blowing all day – my resistance sure down – slept afternoon – Ride took Shermans with us – coffee & rolls home – and wrote letter

Monday, September 5, 1938

Labor Day – came sick – terrible cold felt miserable all day – over to Mannys & Virginias for supper – Hot and stuffy – Home early and to Bed – can’t even keep eyes open

Tuesday, September 6, 1938

Went out to Mothers for a coupla days even Baby has cold- Taking pills so feeling better – Frank out evening – sewed and talked to dad

Wednesday, September 7, 1938

Up all night with Norma – Went down town with Dot to see Marie Antonette – Met Frank at 4 – Supper at Mothers and home – so grouchy I am

[Marie Antoinette stars Norma Shearer, Tyrone Power and John Barrymore]

Thursday, September 8, 1938

I’m still grouchy – fixed hair this A.M. instead of working – took walk to library – Burned up dinner – went to store for steaks & brought Mae Riman home with me – Frank gone evening

Friday, September 9, 1938

Took Baby to Dr. to change banage on vacanation – only charged $1.00 [$13.00 today] – home for supper and shewed evening – working on Luellas Christmas pres

Saturday, September 10, 1938

Baked cake and pie and got Billy in afternoon – Swell supper – Show – Westwood – Crime School Hamburgs and cake and home about

[Crime School is a drama starring Humphrey Bogart and The Dead End Kids]

Sunday, September 11, 1938

Huray – went to church but disappointed because of new Minister – Took Billy home – Gramma & Susie there – ride over to Shermans – home even.

Monday, September 12, 1938

Washed and got all done early – Hamburgs for supper – Frank trying to teach me bridge but I’m too tired & sleepy – Bed at 9

Tuesday, September 13, 1938

Ironed & finished – Mrs Brown watched Baby morning – Supper was terrible Frank played golf – Went to Bed at 9 o’clock – Frank sore at me

Wednesday, September 14, 1938

Rained Mother Baby and I went to Guild meeting at Hall – No supper – Martha Davids & Jean Pfarnder over – want me to write some ads for them

Thursday, September 15, 1938

Stayed home today and cleaned house – made left over hash but Frank no like – sewed even – I’m bored with every day life

Friday, September 16, 1938

Took Baby out to Mothers so I could go down town – paid bills and had a steam bath at Marthas & Jeans – delighted with it. Bought Baby walker & sweater – over to Charlie & Regines for even.

Saturday, September 17, 1938

Made nut cake – Frank & Bill home for lunch – Frank got walker for Baby from Sears & we put it together – she climbs out of it too – Bed early – Frank surprises me – Sam & Saras Wedding anniversary

Sears - Toledo, Ohio

Sunday, September 18, 1938

eggs – Home all day – Baked ham for dinner – Frank took Baby for ride - worked on ad – milk & coke supper [That’s what it says – I suppose she means “cake”] – sewed and read evening – cold already

Monday, September 19, 1938

Washed so baby didn’t take nap and had heck of a time – but did most of ironing so everything fine – scrabing with Frank about money – sewed on Luellas xmas gift

Tuesday, September 20, 1938

Ironed rest of Baby clothes and worked on writing ad. Made baked beans with wieners – Ride over to Cealias with Baby – taking bath and bed early

Wednesday, September 21, 1938

3rd year [This is Frank & Helen’s 3rd wedding anniversary] – gave Frank tie 4 socks and house slippers – He brought home 3 lb candy 3 pair hose – had June over and went to show – Astair Rogers – Carefree and chicken Subreen at Kin Wok [That last part is impossible to read, but that’s what it looks like to me.]

[Carefree is a musical/comedy starring Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers and Ralph

Thursday, September 22, 1938

Took Baby out to Mothers & went to Marjions – They liked my ads and gave me another tr. Lunch with Martha – got Baby Blue dress – Supper at Mothers

Friday, September 23, 1938

Cleaned house – took Baby for walk afternoon – got a good Book at lib. – Frank gone even. so started affagan that I’m making for Mothers Christmas present

Saturday, September 24, 1938

Made 8 Blocks today but didn’t bake. Wrote letter to toots – Home this evening – Frank never knows what to do with himself

Sunday, September 25, 1938

Beautiful day – Sewed on poarch – took ride out to Mothers – not home so feed baby there any how – dark when we got home – peaceful day

Monday, September 26, 1938

Sewed most of day – Baked pie – stew for supper – Walked to library – Ride with Frank – over to Regines – Bed about 11 P.M. – I’m too woried over finances

Tuesday, September 27, 1938

Sewed washed Baby pants – I’m trying to train her – I wish she would hurry & learn – Ride with Frank – Supper at Bud & Lukes

Wednesday, September 28, 1938

Frank got home at 7 A.M. But promised never again – left Baby at Cealias and went alone to deliver hits – Davie stayed with baby so we went to show – Test Pilot Clark gable Myra Loy

[Test Pilot is a drama starring Clark Gable, Myrna Loy and Spencer Tracy]

Thursday, September 29, 1938

Down town for another treatment – got baby red Baret Myself gold belt – ads not so good this month – Supper at Mothers – Wrote letter Sara – Sewing

Friday, September 30, 1938

[shorthand] Washed and finished by 2 o’clock had remainder of stew – Davie here for even, met Mother & Brother at New Vocational high – stopped at Mary Janes – Brought ice cream home

MEMORANDUM – weight 150

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