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This is a transcription of some diaries I bought at an antique store near Toledo, Ohio. When the diary starts in January 1937, Helen is a young wife and soon to become a new mother. If you wish to read it, it's best to start with the first post - January 1937 (my oldest post) - and then follow along with her everyday life.

July 7, 2008

July 1938

Friday, July 1, 1938

Up early ironed and gave Baby bath – Dr. appointment – Weighs 18 lbs – last injections for whooping cough – Frank played tennis even – Wrote Sam

Saturday, July 2 – Birthday

Age 22 – ironed all day so I might go out but stayed home – Elmer & Vivian over for evening – made Bacon & eggs – Frank brought me Box of Evening in Paris Perfume & candy

Sunday, July 3, 1938

Out to Mothers early – played tennis – Mother & Dad gave me knit slip and hand towels – Ride around river – Luella Bill & grandfather there – Home late – Read Book

Monday, July 4, 1938

Lazy morning – Manny phoned afternoon took Mrs. Sherman Harry & Davey to Toledo Beach – Baby cross – Supper home – Read Books and magazines & Bed early

Tuesday, July 5, 1938

Feel guilty that I didn’t wash but don’t intend to this week – Noon walked to library got a couple novels and cut magazine – Bill here all night – Frank played tennis with Man. – Rode around

Wednesday, July 6, 1938

Luella [her aunt] came over afternoon had Salmon cakes for supper – good – Sat out in yard evening and talked – Frank went away for evening – Went to Bed early

Thursday, July 7, 1938

Mother got here about noon for lunch – talked a great deal – F home early so took Mother & Luella home – Made left overs into salad – Show Westwood with Mae & June Riman

Friday, July 8, 1938

Stayed home – sewed & cleaned house – Baby cross won’t heat – very hot – after supper took ride out for Luella & Bill – Baby awake most of night – Walked her

Saturday, July 9, 1938

Made a picnic lunch in morning and afternoon went to Gem Beach – Swimming – had a swell time but paid for my pleasure by being up all night with Norma

Sunday, July 10, 1938

Rushed around like mad trying to get ready by 11:30 but made it took Luella back to Moms – Manny & Virg with us to Gem Beach again

Monday, July 11, 1938

Got a late start but did wash – Frank home early so he had to leave & play tennis – Roast for supper on hot day – worked in yard for awhile – Bed early

Tuesday, July 12, 1938

Up at 6:30 – got ironing all done by 2 O clock – I should get up at that time every morning – Wrote Luella telling her we wouldn’t come Sat. – Frank out nite

Wednesday, July 13, 1938

So wonderful to be lazy – loafed the whole day – Walked to library – Read mag & played with my darling Baby – She is adorable – Home evening

Thursday, July 14, 1938

Went out to Mothers & left Baby all day – Bought Blue lace dress – girdle & Table cloth – Feeling so tired and crabby – Hope I haven’t anything to worry about

Friday, July 15, 1938

Cleaned house – made apple pie and stewed chicken – Played tennis Germain park 6:30 – Bath – Pretty worried by now – gained weight again

Saturday, July 16, 1938 [shorthand]

Over to Sherman’s and Cealias [Frank’s sister] finally out home – left Baby while we went to show (lousy) got home by 6 and sat around all even.

Sunday, July 17, 1938

Manny here all day – good br. – cleaned up house and took bath – ride – over to Mannys house – Fed baby there home late – Had left over chicken

Monday, July 18, 1938

Rainey all morning – cleaned up the house – Norma first started to crawl and does she go – from front room to kitchen – So adorable I play with her all the time

Tuesday, July 19, 1938

Took a long walk to point got some ivy plants & african Violet and groceries – so loaded down couldn’t get home – Potato salad for supper – Read book – Frank out all n.

Wednesday, July 20, 1938

Washed very early & ironed afternoon – light supper – Frank gone even. so fixed figer and toe nails – took bath and read book – had a swell night

Thursday, July 21, 1938

Ironed most of day – had roast beef for dinner and it was swell – took a ride Baby and all – Regine Charlie & Baby – Home at 10. Ice cream

Friday, July 22, 1938 – 149 weight

Mother over for day and Dad here for supper – fried chicken – letter from Denver – Walked to lanes – Frank eating fried chicken in bed – he bothers me

Saturday, July 23, 1938

Frank brought folks home (cealia too) at noon – We went swimming at Centennial quarry afternoon – Westwood gardens Evening – Phil Spatommi (girl orchestra) drinks – swell time

[Phil Spitalny and His Hour of Charm Orchestra - Theme Song: "My Isle of Golden Dreams" - Phil was the Male Leader, but it was an All-Girl Orchestra. (There were other 'ALL" girl Orchestras - perhaps the best known was Ina Ray Hutton & her Melodears). One of the features of the Phil Spitalny orchestra was "'Evelyn and her Magic Violin". Phil's radio show was called the "Hour of Charm" and the Mistress of Ceremonies was Arlene Francis. Phil had a decent enough Radio and Dance orchestra, but this "all girl" orchestra was just a novelty of the times. In time, Phil married his 'magic violinist' and retired to Miami Beach. He filled out his retirement years as a music critic for a Miami newspaper.]

Sunday, July 24, 1938

Sherman’s here all night – Stiff ake all over – Franky has terrible akey tooth – Home all day – wrote letter to Toots – Frank gone evening – cleaning out desk drawers

Monday, July 25, 1938

Stayed home all day – Went with Frank to deliver hits – got hamburgs & home – Hottest that its been – read – played cards – to library & ice cream

Tuesday, July 26, 1938

Took Baby out to Mothers go Hair set – Bought a dictionary 3.50 [$45.00 today] – Rose came home with us – We went to Valentine saw Love came to Andy Hardy – Waffels at Toodel House

[Love Finds Andy Hardy is a comedy starring Mickey Rooney, Judy Garland and Lana Turner]

Wednesday, July 27, 1938

Had refridator looked at – nothing serious – Frank brought home a Hoover for me – tried it out imediately – that was the last thing I needed – F out for night

[1937 Hoover model 25 Upright - This model was issued to celebrate Hoover's 30th anniversary in 1938. This cleaner was also designed by the famous industrial designer Henry Dreyfuss. Model 25 was Hoover's "popular price" cleaner and sold with attachments as a "cleaning ensemble" It was also was one of the last models with the large handle fork.]

Thursday, July 28, 1938

Cleaned house with new Hoover but had to get Mae Ryman to show me how to use attachments – Phil & Frank played ball – Sandwichs at10:00

Friday, July 29, 1938

Nice cool day – walked to store – over to Regine – Her Lenord is a rough neck – hurt Normie – steak for supper – Frank gone evening – took a Bath and finished books (Sons by Buck)

[“Sons” is the sequel to Pearl S. Buck’s “The Good Earth”]

Saturday, July 30, 1938

I have sure lost my pep – slept nearly all day – Frank has a gash on the head from car – Bed at 9 o’clock – wish we would get co.

Sunday, July 31, 1938

Rained all day – made a cake morning – took Norma out to Mothers & took kids to show – cowboy from brookland – supper out home – Baby is so good and sweet

[Cowboy From Brooklyn is a musical comedy starring Dick Powell, Pat O’Brien, Priscilla Lane, Ann Sheridan and Ronald Reagan]

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