Helen's Diary

This is a transcription of some diaries I bought at an antique store near Toledo, Ohio. When the diary starts in January 1937, Helen is a young wife and soon to become a new mother. If you wish to read it, it's best to start with the first post - January 1937 (my oldest post) - and then follow along with her everyday life.

July 30, 2008

January, 1939

Sunday, January 1, 1939 – New Year’s Day

Missed baby – up at 10:30 and out to Mothers for day – Norma is such a joy – Frank skating afternoon – I slept – I resolved to lose some pounds

Monday, January 2, 1939

Stopped over to see Max & Clara – then over to Cealias – ate at Bud & Lukes – got Manny & Virg & they went to Basket ball game – me alone

Tuesday, January 3, 1939

Washed – Frank sick – walked up to point with Regine – had a swell time but so tired at night – Went to Show though with Regine

Wednesday, January 4, 1939

Ironed all day but did finish did Finish though – took bath evening & went to bed early

Thursday, January 5, 1939

Walked way down to Aunt Amelias – 60 degrees outside – raining later so Frank had to bring us home – light supper – I’m catching cold – sent Holden twins card

Friday, January 6, 1939

Took Baby out to mothers and went with Frank – got new lamp shade and wedding gift for ganches – Billy came home with us – I saw Sweetharts

[Sweethearts is a musical starring Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy]

Saturday, January 7, 1938

Made cookies morning & chocolate pie – Ride with Frank afternoon – groceries and home rest of day – fixed pocketbook on sewing maching – Beautiful day

Sunday, January 8, 1939

Cleaned house and monkeyed around – light lunch and Rode around – got a blow out & Frank had to fix it – played games evening

Monday, January 9, 1939

Walked down to point with Mrs. Brown – Norma fell out of her buggey and cut her mouth – she insists on climbing – Rode with Frank on run – evening home

Tuesday, January 10, 1939

Stayed in all day – mending things – getting along fine on sewing machine – With Frank – Steak for supper Bed early – Hes still sick

Wednesday, January 11, 1939

Out to Mothers – Guild met here today, had a swell time – I always get so tired when I’m out home – Frank brought home flowers for me

Thursday, January 12, 1939

Cleaned house – Cealia Starksdale here a couple of minuets – Walked to point with her & Reginia – Baby is so hard to Manage – With Frank on run - -

Friday, January 13, 1939

Left Norma with Cealia & went down town – got a crazy new hat – Frank didn’t like it a little bit – also got a lot of necessary things

Saturday, January 14, 1939

[shorthand] took ride over to Ganchs & left Wedding gift – took Virginia down town – ham burgs and home for evening – Read & sewed – Frank better

Sunday, January 15, 1939

Felt pretty rotten all day – Ride with folks – Supper there – Betty here evening we saw Riviola – Hart of the North – Not so good – Bed stomak ake

[Heart of the North is an adventure film starring Dick Foran and Gloria Dickson]

Monday, January 16, 1939

Did washing – finished Blue dress for Norma – Frank out playing cards – took clothes down & dampened – 12:30 before finished

Tuesday, January 17, 1939

Ironed and ironed – got a terrible head ake & had to rest before I could do supper dishes – Norma threw up twice but doesn’t seem sick – Bath & sewing

Wednesday, January 18, 1939

Read stories all day – evening Mrs. Brown watched Baby we went to Westwood & had chocolate soda at drug st.

Thursday, January 19, 1939

Mother here for day – Walked down to Bank & stopped at Meinerts for hot chocolate – Dad took Mom home – Mrs. Brown here even.

Friday, January 20, 1939

Pressed Frankies pants – he brought me an african Violet – Bath and bed early – Still love each other after 3 ½ years –

Saturday, January 21, 1939

Went to see Frankinstein night then had waffel at Purple Cow – Betty and her boy friend here – got home by 11:30

Sunday, January 22, 1939

In all day – had a grand chicken dinner so tired slept on davenport trying to listen to radio but went to bed early any way

Monday, January 23, 1939

Washed through early – cleaned Kitchen flour – Supper on time Frank gone to Y.M.C.A. – figured up Budget and Sewed awhile – In all day

Tuesday, January 24, 1939

Ironing – Mae Riman over visited afternoon – Walked down to Kroger store – chicken soup – played checkers all evening – Wind blowing

Wednesday, January 25, 1939

Cleaned up house and took bath – Ride with Frank – hamburgs – Sewing lessons – Mother met me & walked home with me – had lunch – Phil Riman, Wexler, & Chason cards

Thursday, January 26, 1939

Could hardly get going – down town – bought material had hair cut & treatment also got boots – Supper at Mothers – Baby cross so much

Friday, January 27, 1939

Bill came out after school – we had supper together Waffels – Vivian and Elmer here evening – played checkers – served coffee and cake

Saturday, January 28, 1939

Walked down to Singer with Mrs, Brown – Sewed morning – Frank at Y – Went to show Idots Delight – Gable & Norma Shearer good

[Idiot’s Delight is a comedy starring Norma Shearer and Clark Gable]

Sunday, January 29, 1939

Made a swell Beef dinner – short nap out to Mothers for supper – Norma cross – whole evening listening to radio – Sewed on Norma’s dress

Monday, January 30, 1939

Washed Mrs. Brown helped me watch Norma or I never would have finished – Frank so darn disagreeable

Tuesday, January 31, 1939

Ironed vigorously until 2 o’clock Mrs. Brown watched baby so I walked to lanes & got a few necessary things – ate at chinks

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