Helen's Diary

This is a transcription of some diaries I bought at an antique store near Toledo, Ohio. When the diary starts in January 1937, Helen is a young wife and soon to become a new mother. If you wish to read it, it's best to start with the first post - January 1937 (my oldest post) - and then follow along with her everyday life.

September 18, 2008

July 1939

Saturday, July 1, 1939

Down town afternoon exchanging nighties & nail polish – Went to the zoo Play “Swing Mikadoe” – Later Kin Wa Loo’s for chow Mein

[The Swing Mikado is an operetta in two acts with music arranged by Gentry Warden, based on Gilbert and Sullivan's comic opera, The Mikado. It was first staged by an all-black company in Chicago in 1938.
The Swing Mikado was a production of the WPA's Federal Theatre Project. The production was conceived, staged, and directed by Harry Minturn, with swing re-orchestrations of Arthur Sullivan's music by Warden, and starring Maurice Cooper as Nanki-Poo. After a five-month run in Chicago, the production moved to Broadway where it had a run of 86 performances.]

Sunday, July 2, 1939 – Birthday [she’s 23]

Picnic at Gem beach with Cealia & family – lovely coke [cake?] – Frankie gave me some beautiful gifts – cosmetics – beads – Manicure set – purse & 2 nighties

Monday, July 3, 1939

a Relief to be alone – Billy gone – mended a few things – left N with Shermans & had dinner at Williams – bought a frying pan with Birth day money from Mom

Tuesday, July 4, 1939

Frankie picked some cherries & I made 2 pies – Manny & Virginia here for supper – Norma wouldn’t sleep so took a ride & took them home

Wednesday, July 5, 1939

Up early for a change – Breakfast alone – Mending some things at Mothers – So we left Baby ther & took a swim at Scott Park

Thursday, July 6, 1939

Grampa here till afternoon – Frank accidently kicked toaster so I fixed it – took him for ride around river – light lunch

Friday, July 7, 1939

Glad to be alone for a change. So hot couldn’t do anything – Frank is a dear – helpes with everything

Saturday, July 8, 1939

Ironed out some pieces this morning under fan – Billy came out so we went to show – “Maisey” & drove around

[Maisie is a comedy starring Robert Young and Ann Sothern]

Sunday, July 9, 1939

Got up early to take Billy home – had waffels – home rest of day – looked at houses – cut grass & tree

Monday, July 10, 1939

Had a huge wash but it dried in a couple hours this evening – then painted cubbords

Tuesday, July 11, 1939

Finished ironing by noon – sewed on Voil dress – Regine & Charlie over – Mother & dad over – very glad to go to bed

Wednesday, July 12, 1939

Had a permanent – Never expected to live through it – Show with Frank Juarez with Betty Davis & Paul Muni

[Juarez is a historical drama starring Paul Muni and Bette Davis]

Thursday, July 13, 1939

Cleaned out cubbard – Norma still a little sick

Friday, July 14 and Saturday, July 15 are both blank

Sunday, July 16, 1939


Monday, July 17, 1939

[shorthand] felt pretty miserable so didn’t wash. Billy with F.

Tuesday, July 18, 1939


Wednesday, July 19, 1939

Washed clothes and sweltered

Thursday, July 20, 1939


Friday, July 21 – Thursday, July 27, 1939


Friday, July 28, 1939

Virginia & Manny here for supper & night – played cards & had ice cream – Frank

Saturday, July 29, 1939

Virginia here morning – took her & Mother Sherman for ride afternoon & home – evening bath and bed early –

Sunday, July 30, 1939

Drove out to Mothers & saw Howard & Neva – left early stopped at Cealias – Dave watched Norma so we went to the Show

Monday, July 31, 1939

Up early and got washing out of the way ate out to Bud & Lukes – gramma Overmeyer here for visit took to Mothers

[Grandma Overmeyer is Helen’s mother’s mother – Lillie Nesbitt Overmeyer, born January 1, 1871. She was 68 at this time.]

September 5, 2008

June 1939

[Note: May 31, 1939 through June 14, 1939 are all blank - presumably because she was moving to a new house]

Thursday, June 15, 1939

Mother kids & all over at New house – cleaning – Mrs Brown watched Norma afternoon – so terribly tired

Helen's new house:

Friday, June 16, 1939

Busy moving things all day – worked until midnight carrying things – then ride for hamburg & rested

Saturday, June 17, 1939

Moved to 4029 N. Haven hot and sticky. Soon as Frank got home we went to Toledo Beach – home late hamburgs

Sunday, June 18, 1939

Father’s day – cigars – Darwin & Bill both here – had steak dinner – kids did a lot around the house – took home

Monday, June 19, 1939

[shorthand] – did washing and streighting up house – Walked to store for groceries

[Note: June 20 & 21, are both blank]

Thursday, June 22, 1939

Luella & Bill over for rest of week – Went down town & got material for blanket – Show – “goodby Mr Chips”

[Goodbye, Mr. Chips is a drama starring Robert Donat and Greer Garson]

Friday, June 23, 1939

Worked on quilt some – Luellea & Bill went visiting we went to bed early since we were so tired – too many arguments

Saturday, June 24, 1939

Luella & Bill here until afternoon than left for home – we are certainly glad to get to bed early

Sunday, June 25, 1939

Took Manny & Virg to Gem beach – Norma is just crazy about it. Supper at Virginias – terribly hot & tired.

Monday, June 26, 1939

Worked all day & night on quilt – but will be able to finish it Tuesday

Tuesday, June 27, 1939

Virginias Shower – played cards – she received Several blankets – very discouraged after wards got a cup of coffee

Wednesday, June 28, 1939

Billy came out to help me wash & had a big one – Took a ride P.M. Storm – Hamburgs & frosted Malted milk

Thursday, June 29, 1939

Ironed until 3 – Swimming at Scott Park – Supper at Mothers drove out to Luna Pier and Villa & El Dorado – 2 drinks & waffel – fun

Scott Park:

Friday, June 30, 1939

Finished ironing by noon – walked to stores for groc – back late & Frank worried to death – Sent Billy to show


Norma 25 lbs Me 152

August 27, 2008

May 1939

Monday, May 1, 1939

Washed & did some ironing – left over stew for supper – Frank gone for entire evening – I sewed dress – together had wonderful tea

Tuesday, May 2, 1939

Ironed & finished Navy blue dress – Frank a mess – hot chocolate & talked late – He seems to think I don’t love him

Wednesday, May 3, 1939

Cut out silk dress & basted together – bought .99 cent camera [$12.99 today] – Frank out til 4 AM playing bridge – Norma cross

Thursday, May 4, 1939

Had hair cut & set – bought a flower book & some pans – Met Frank at 4 – Saw Show – The Hardy Family – Roast Beef Sandwich – got baby & home

[The film was probably The Hardys Ride High starring Mickey Rooney, Lewis Stone and Ann Rutherford]

Friday, May 5, 1939

Letter from Luella – Mothers & Daughters Banquet – got gift for being youngest Mother – Lovely dinner – Frank got me & drove around for a while

Saturday, May 6, 1939

Billy here went to Show – we went to Lanes had ice cream waffels for supper – Got Manny & Virg – Show 3 Smart girls – Russel Lodge Beer

[The film was probably Three Smart Girls Grow Up, a musical starring Deanna Durbin]

Sunday, May 7, 1939

Boy am I tired – dinner out to Mothers and all day took some pictures and slept – made blocks evening & early to bed

Monday, May 8, 1939

Washed & started ironing – scrubed off front porch – finish silk print dress & ironed intil 12 AM. Frank out all night

Tuesday, May 9, 1939

Frank put up screens – radishes have come through – Mother came out went to see Louise Forrest Allen named Baby – Wrote 5 letters to all caught up now

Wednesday, May 10, 1939

Some colored fellow cleaned my rugs for me for 3.50 [$46.00 today] – made a cake and took Norma for walk – Read magazines evening

Thursday, May 11, 1939

Down town got some Mother’s day gifts Bath – Nervous today – Dave here evening we went to Westwood – saw Topper takes a trip & Devil’s Island – coffee

Westwood Theater - Toledo

[Topper Takes a Trip is a comedy starring Constance Bennett and Roland Young. Devil’s Island is a thriller starring Boris Karloff]

Friday, May 12, 1939


Saturday, May 13, 1939


Sunday, May 14, 1939

Mothers day – Went to cleveland

[Note: May 15, 1939 through May 29, 1939 are all blank]

Tuesday, May 30, 1939

Fritz Delores Toots & Howard & Beverly here – ate dinner at Bud & Lukes

[Note: May 31, 1939 through June 14, 1939 are all blank]

August 13, 2008

April, 1939

Saturday, April 1, 1939 – Frank’s Birthday [He’s 31]

31 – Sent Billy to show – took Baby for ride bought her a rocking chair – gave Frank 2 shirts & ties – Show Paramount – Jane Withers & St. Louise Blues – coffee & Sandwiches at Michals

[The Jane Withers film was probably Arizona Wildcat, a comedy/western starring Jane Withers and Leo Carrillo. St. Louis Blues is a musical-comedy starring Dorothy Lamour and Lloyd Nolan]

Sunday, April 2, 1939

Took Billy home – Baby slept there then we rode around looking at new houses – Supper home – made some blocks

Monday, April 3, 1939

[shorthand] Betty came here early so I washed even curtains and hung them outside – Billy went to show – Frank gone til late so I made some blocks

Tuesday, April 4, 1939

While I ironed Billy washed all the windows inside and out I did some woodwork – visited dad in hospital – Show Granada – Taylor

Wednesday, April 5, 1939

Billy helped wax floors then left for home after lunch – lamb chops for supper – Jean stopped over for a minuet

Thursday, April 6, 1939

Sewed all day on blue suit – Walked down to point got some ivy plants – eggs for supper – Frank swell

Friday, April 7, 1939

Frank took his dad to hospital & made me go with him – left Baby with her grandmother – got a pretty Powder Blue hat – Brought Bill back

Saturday, April 8, 1939

Made a cake too Norma out to Mothers for night – Went to Detroit – Chinese food at Pergoda Inn – Show Michigan – Colbert & Amaci Midnight

[Midnight is a comedy starring Claudette Colbert and Don Ameche]

Sunday, April 9, 1939

Easter Sunday – Breakfast at Dobbs dinner – Went to Zoo to see Bunnyville – Dad sick Norma cross Frank gone even.

Monday, April 10, 1939

Too tired to wash or clean – Ripped Blue skirt apart & put together

Tuesday, April 11, 1939

Frank has cough & sore through so miserable & mean to me

Wednesday, April 12, 1939

Dad is really sick – Mother called Dr. & Dad on milk diet for a good while now.

Thursday, April 13, 1939

Washed clothes and hung them outside – Walked down to point & got Birthday present for Lennard – Dad still quite sick

Friday, April 14, 1939 – Mother’s Birthday [She’s 41]

Washed my hair & Norma’s – Supper out to Mothers – gave her an electric clock – Dad is sick in Bed – Stomick trouble – serious

Saturday, April 15, 1939

Rushed around to get ready for Lennard’s Birthday Party – he was 3 years old – Frank went to bed early - Billy and I went to show at Westwood

Sunday, April 16, 1939

Pretty nice day in places – delisous spring chicken for dinner – Frank very sick yet – made & took over cake to Shermans – Stopped at w’olks

Monday, April 17, 1939

Rained all day – sewed & cleaned out drawers – rest of chicken for supper – Frank had to get New glasses – Norma broke them

Tuesday, April 18, 1939

Washed Bathroom – Baby got into spry can & was she a mess – Had supper at Edison – Norma at Shermans for awhile – Bed 9 PM

Wednesday, April 19, 1939

Sewed all day mostly on pink slip at last I’m satisfied with it – Walked down to point with Mrs Brow – Still weigh 150 lbs

Thursday, April 20, 1939

Left Norma with Mother and went down town – got a robe and more dress material – Frank throat is still sore so hes so cross

Friday, April 21, 1939

Took Blue dress apart & put it together again pretty soo I can start on new dresses – Sewed 2 rows of blocks together Bed 9 o’clock

Saturday, April 22, 1939

Walked down to point & got groceries – afternoon with Frank am catching a cold – Many & Virg here all night – played cards – midnight bed

Sunday, April 23, 1939

Manny & Virginia here – ride after Breakfast and after chicken dinner – they stayed here while we went to the show – Paramount – Yes My darling daughter

[Yes, My Darling Daughter is a romantic comedy starring Priscilla Lane and Roland Young]

Monday, April 24, 1939

Wonderful day – Washed – cleaned up house & yard – Bath & went along with Frank to deliver hits – cold much better – Even got Sunburned

Tuesday, April 25, 1939

Did all of ironing and walked to point – Bacon & Tomatoe Sandwiches – Frank went down town for evening – made some blocks & went to bed early

Wednesday, April 26, 1939

Sewed all day – making over & mending – Went around run delivering hits – Stopped at Mothers for awhile – Frank so honary

Thursday, April 27, 1939

Worked out in yard til noon – afternoon Bath & cleaned up left Baby with Shermans & had supper out to Edison – Frank out all night

Friday, April 28, 1939 – Billy’s Birthday [Her brother Bill is 13 today]

Walked to point & got Bill some pajamas had hair set – lamb Chops for supper – terrible – Rode out there & got Bill – He went to Show

Saturday, April 29, 1939

Billy & Frank doge up garden planted seads – Evening went to show – Valentine Kid from Texas

Sunday, April 30, 1939

Bacon & eggs – Bill helping – Frank did garden – hurt F’s finger – Nice Sunday dinner – Billy went to Show – We went for ride – Frank took him


Norma has 10 teeth

just like pearls

[There’s a sketch of a dress, and next to it she wrote:] Navy blue cotton dress – made price .75

August 7, 2008

March, 1939

Wednesday, March 1, 1939

Have terrible cold – finished ironing this morning but canceled sewing class – Strawberry Short cake for supper – played checkers & bed

Thursday, March 2, 1939

Feel slightly better took walk with Baby to point with Mrs Herrald – Frank couldn’t stay home had to go away – Sewed – Bath

Friday, March 3, 1939

Down town on Radio interview – lunch with Martha at Williams – Show – Pagmallion – Met Frank at 4:30 – Supper at Fireside – Baby up every hour

[Pygmalion, based on the George Bernard Shaw play, stars Leslie Howard and Wendy Hiller]

Saturday, March 4, 1939

Made some beautiful curtains – cleaned house – Betty here so we went out – corn beef sandwiches – Show – Gonga Din at Panthan – Waffels

[Gunga Din is an adventure film starring Cary Grant, Victor McLaglen and Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.]

Sunday, March 5, 1939

Up early to lanes – Eggs for lunch – Rode around afternoon – Supper at home – listened to all good Radio programs & sewed blocks together

Monday, March 6, 1939

Letter from toots she is going to move by herself – Washed afternoon – liver for Supper – Frank gone evening so late

Tuesday, March 7, 1939

[shorthand] Frank had to monkey around – ironed and felt miserable – Browns have new radio – went up to see it – Norma still don’t sleep

Wednesday, March 8, 1939

Finished ironing – finall cleaned house – Sewing class – played Honey moon bridge rest of night – Sort of fun

[The name Honeymoon Bridge can be applied to any adaptation of Contract Bridge for two players. There are several versions. All of them use a 52-card pack, with suits and cards in each suit ranking as in Bridge. Scoring is the same as in Rubber Bridge.]

Thursday, March 9, 1939

Mother here all day we walked to point – my feet hurt so glad to get home again – Frank went out all night playing bridge

Friday, March 10, 1939

Down town – Bath, hair set – Purple cow hamburg – bought material for 2 dresses & slip – Mother’s for Supper – home early

Saturday, March 11, 1939

Made custard pie – rode all afternoon with Frank Norma so cross – cutting a lot of teeth – home together & bed early

Sunday, March 12, 1939

Over to see Max & Clara – Stopped to see new brick home – Dora Aumend & Earl over stayed for supper and evening – played rummy

Monday, March 13, 1939

So tired this morning could hardly get up – Washed afternoon – took Bath and took Baby outside for walk – Went to bed at 8:30 Both of us

Tuesday, March 14, 1939

Mother came over today so I could go to Singer – learned how to put in Zipper – Beautiful day – Frank gone so I figured out Budget

Wednesday, March 15, 1939

Put sleeves in dress – Walked down to Singer ate at Meinerts – finished hem – Frank wants it shorter so I’ll have to re do it

Thursday, March 16, 1939

All day putting in hem – hamburg loaf for Supper – Sewed on blocks – took Bath & mad Frank mad at me – Norma cross

Friday, March 17, 1939

Went out to Mothers worked on blue suit Dot over – met Frank at 4:30 Show Valentine – Stage Coach – good – Barbeque at Bud & Lukes

[Stagecoach is a western starring John Wayne and Claire Trevor]

Saturday, March 18, 1939

Finished blue suit fits pretty good – Frank got us about 4 – terribly cold when we got home plants froze & everthing – Bathe & bed

Sunday, March 19, 1939

Cleaned slightly – Ride took Cealia home and home afternoon – Ride when Baby woke up – Donna Jean Marrage here – We saw Kentucky at Westwood

[Kentucky is a horse racing movie starring Loretta Young and Walter Brennan]

Monday, March 20, 1939

Washed with Baby upstairs in Playpen and she kept crying – it made me so nervous

Tuesday, March 21, 1939

Ironed and walked down to point

Wednesday, March 22, 1939

Surprised that mother here all day – Went to Singer afternoon & Evening – last lesson – Bacon omete lunch afterwards when Reds stopes in

Thursday, March 23, 1939

Dishes and dirty house – Walked down to point with Mrs Brown – Frank polished trunk of car – Warm 70 degrees outside

Friday, March 24, 1939

Down town all day – got blouse shoes & had a bath – Jean making Norma knited coat – Frank sore because I left watch with Willis

Saturday, March 25, 1939

Couldn’t manage to do anything this morning – Norma so cross – Ride with Frank afternoon – Betty here P.M. – Saw Padrewsky & Mosketters – Chow Mein at Recreation

[The Three Musketeers is an action film starring Don Ameche and the Ritz Brothers]

Sunday, March 26, 1939

Took baby and visited at Manny’s & Virginias Brought Baby home for nap later on Ride cake & ice cream for supper – Bed at 9

Monday, March 27, 1939

I thought I would lose my mind with Norma getting into everything – did finish wash – Walked to Mienerts – fish for supper – Frank gone even

Tuesday, March 28, 1939

Frank bothered me until almost 11 only did part of ironing – letter from Luella – answered this P.M. – Walked down to Mienerts with Regine

Wednesday, March 29, 1939

Frank left late again – cleaned house finished ironing – did 18 blocks & sewed them on – Frank gone to basket ball game – Raining and cold

Thursday, March 30, 1939

Got work all done so Norma with Cealia and went with Frank – Supper at Bud & Lukes – made 18 blocks today – Norma so glad to see us

Friday, March 31, 1939

Left Baby with Mother and went down town had hair set & Bath bought shoes – Stopped over to Jeans house – Baby cried she just daresn’t be like that

August 1, 2008

February, 1939

Wednesday, February 1, 1939

Cleaned house baked cake made dessert and took bath – Singer class cut out part of my dress – Raining terrible snow & raining can’t get out

Thursday, February 2, 1939

Figured up budget and will have to spend less – Sending electric sissors back – Frank not home until late – worked on sewing

Friday, February 3, 1939

Frank so cross resents my reading book – down town had bath and hair set bought some yarn to start 2nd afghan

Saturday, February 4, 1939

Still reading Book “and tell time – didn’t do much else – Rode around Frankie’s run – Betty here – Saw show trade Winds & Dramatic School – Baby cried

[Trade Winds is a comedy starring Fredric March, Joan Bennett, Ralph Bellamy and Ann Sothern. Dramatic School is a drama starring Luise Rainer, Paulette Goddard and Lana Turner]

Dramatic School:

Trade Winds:

Sunday, February 5, 1939

Out to Mothers all day – kids Frank & Dad went skating – Howard & Neva there for supper – made 11 blocks for my afghan hope to finish

Monday, February 6, 1939

Washed finished book & made an apron out of old skirt – Frank not home for supper but home early – He always wants to play games

Tuesday, February 7, 1939

Did ironing and walked to point – Snow hard to push buggy in – cube steak sandwiches – ripped rug apart & took bath

Wednesday, February 8, 1939

Moved furniture all around & cleaned – fixed nails and gave Norma bath – Sewing class – got everything cut out – Stopped at lanes for Soda

Thursday, February 9, 1939

Mother and Dad here for supper – afternoon went to slip cover demonstration – had steak & ice cream & cake – Frank out rest of evening – playing cards 2 AM

Friday, February 10, 1939

Sewed – Furnace went out – walked to Lanes with Baby but so cold came right back – Frank went to YM – Brought Dave home had Hot Choc

Saturday, February 11, 1939

[shorthand] felt so miserable all day didn’t do anything – Betty here evening so we went out with Many & Virginia – Jessie James Show – Kin Wa Low’s & Purple Cow

[Jesse James is a western starring Tyrone Power, Henry Fonda and Randolph Scott]

[…the great bandleader, Paul Spor is inviting girls to hear his band at the fabulous Kin Wa Low's Restaurant and Nite Club.]

Sunday, February 12, 1939 – Lincoln’s Birthday

Got up & dressed early Went to store before lunch – home rest of day – played chess & amused Frankie

Monday, February 13, 1939

Washed through early so cleaned up house – I wish I had more time to play with Norma – Walked down to the point – tired

Tuesday, February 14, 1939 – St. Valentine’s Day

Ironing done early so took Baby out – Bacon & Tomatoe for supper – Frank gave me 3 pairs hose Fannie Farmer candy – clock – gave him green shirt

Wednesday, February 15, 1939

Made a chocolate cake & Jello – cleaned house – Sewing class – Phil Riman – Benny Svinetski [?] – Played chinese checkers & served lunch

Thursday, February 16, 1939

Cleaned & figured up Budget – Norma cross – Have so much to do I feel honary – Bills all coming due

Friday, February 17, 1939

Down town most of day – Bath paid Bills and got pinking shears & several materials – tired & scrapping with Frank

Saturday, February 18, 1939

Bill here – did Shopping morning – Baked beans for supper – went to chinks for 10 PM sup with Manny & Virg – they came home for night

Sunday, February 19, 1939

My own fault Manny & Virg here all day leg of lamb for dinner played bridge all evening – took them home about 10 – tired & discusted

Monday, February 20, 1939

Took all day to get laundry ready – Washed night after supper – didn’t mind Frank helped with dishes – Made 1 block – tired out

Tuesday, February 21, 1939

Baby took 2 naps today so I managed to get the ironing done – Frank not home until Midnight made about 12 Tan Blocks

Wednesday, February 22, 1939

Head ake in the morning – Walked to lanes while Baby slept – had liver & Brussel Sprouts – Sewing class – Worked whole evening on neck

Thursday, February 23, 1939

Cleaned house cleaned Bedroom window – Mae Riman stopped in Baby very sweet – tonight have her hair curled – Frank gone with Manny to YMCA – Sewing

Friday, February 24, 1939

Decided rather late to go with Frank – took Baby out to mothers & had hair set – Supper in Maumee at Cosy Corner tea Room

Saturday, February 25, 1939

Made a lemon pie – Invited Regine & Charlie over but they couldn’t come so we ate popcorn & beer by ourselves – Sewed some on afghan

Sunday, February 26, 1939

Felt ambitious – got Shermans over for chicken dinner – listened to Pederwski on Radio – Very snowy – tried to learn some bridge

[Ignacy Jan Paderewski (November 6, 1860 – June 29, 1941) was a Polish pianist, composer, diplomat and politician, the third Prime Minister of Poland.]

Monday, February 27, 1939

Betty sick with the flu so have to stay home tonight – Did wash afternoon while Baby naping (Tues) left Baby with Mother saw Blackstone

Tuesday, February 28, 1939

Ironed afternoon but didn’t finish because I feel so rotten (Mon) Frank gone evening – went to bed early but baby up twice


Norma is cute but she bothers me – eats messy doesn’t get any more teeth and wakes up so many times a night

July 30, 2008

January, 1939

Sunday, January 1, 1939 – New Year’s Day

Missed baby – up at 10:30 and out to Mothers for day – Norma is such a joy – Frank skating afternoon – I slept – I resolved to lose some pounds

Monday, January 2, 1939

Stopped over to see Max & Clara – then over to Cealias – ate at Bud & Lukes – got Manny & Virg & they went to Basket ball game – me alone

Tuesday, January 3, 1939

Washed – Frank sick – walked up to point with Regine – had a swell time but so tired at night – Went to Show though with Regine

Wednesday, January 4, 1939

Ironed all day but did finish did Finish though – took bath evening & went to bed early

Thursday, January 5, 1939

Walked way down to Aunt Amelias – 60 degrees outside – raining later so Frank had to bring us home – light supper – I’m catching cold – sent Holden twins card

Friday, January 6, 1939

Took Baby out to mothers and went with Frank – got new lamp shade and wedding gift for ganches – Billy came home with us – I saw Sweetharts

[Sweethearts is a musical starring Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy]

Saturday, January 7, 1938

Made cookies morning & chocolate pie – Ride with Frank afternoon – groceries and home rest of day – fixed pocketbook on sewing maching – Beautiful day

Sunday, January 8, 1939

Cleaned house and monkeyed around – light lunch and Rode around – got a blow out & Frank had to fix it – played games evening

Monday, January 9, 1939

Walked down to point with Mrs. Brown – Norma fell out of her buggey and cut her mouth – she insists on climbing – Rode with Frank on run – evening home

Tuesday, January 10, 1939

Stayed in all day – mending things – getting along fine on sewing machine – With Frank – Steak for supper Bed early – Hes still sick

Wednesday, January 11, 1939

Out to Mothers – Guild met here today, had a swell time – I always get so tired when I’m out home – Frank brought home flowers for me

Thursday, January 12, 1939

Cleaned house – Cealia Starksdale here a couple of minuets – Walked to point with her & Reginia – Baby is so hard to Manage – With Frank on run - -

Friday, January 13, 1939

Left Norma with Cealia & went down town – got a crazy new hat – Frank didn’t like it a little bit – also got a lot of necessary things

Saturday, January 14, 1939

[shorthand] took ride over to Ganchs & left Wedding gift – took Virginia down town – ham burgs and home for evening – Read & sewed – Frank better

Sunday, January 15, 1939

Felt pretty rotten all day – Ride with folks – Supper there – Betty here evening we saw Riviola – Hart of the North – Not so good – Bed stomak ake

[Heart of the North is an adventure film starring Dick Foran and Gloria Dickson]

Monday, January 16, 1939

Did washing – finished Blue dress for Norma – Frank out playing cards – took clothes down & dampened – 12:30 before finished

Tuesday, January 17, 1939

Ironed and ironed – got a terrible head ake & had to rest before I could do supper dishes – Norma threw up twice but doesn’t seem sick – Bath & sewing

Wednesday, January 18, 1939

Read stories all day – evening Mrs. Brown watched Baby we went to Westwood & had chocolate soda at drug st.

Thursday, January 19, 1939

Mother here for day – Walked down to Bank & stopped at Meinerts for hot chocolate – Dad took Mom home – Mrs. Brown here even.

Friday, January 20, 1939

Pressed Frankies pants – he brought me an african Violet – Bath and bed early – Still love each other after 3 ½ years –

Saturday, January 21, 1939

Went to see Frankinstein night then had waffel at Purple Cow – Betty and her boy friend here – got home by 11:30

Sunday, January 22, 1939

In all day – had a grand chicken dinner so tired slept on davenport trying to listen to radio but went to bed early any way

Monday, January 23, 1939

Washed through early – cleaned Kitchen flour – Supper on time Frank gone to Y.M.C.A. – figured up Budget and Sewed awhile – In all day

Tuesday, January 24, 1939

Ironing – Mae Riman over visited afternoon – Walked down to Kroger store – chicken soup – played checkers all evening – Wind blowing

Wednesday, January 25, 1939

Cleaned up house and took bath – Ride with Frank – hamburgs – Sewing lessons – Mother met me & walked home with me – had lunch – Phil Riman, Wexler, & Chason cards

Thursday, January 26, 1939

Could hardly get going – down town – bought material had hair cut & treatment also got boots – Supper at Mothers – Baby cross so much

Friday, January 27, 1939

Bill came out after school – we had supper together Waffels – Vivian and Elmer here evening – played checkers – served coffee and cake

Saturday, January 28, 1939

Walked down to Singer with Mrs, Brown – Sewed morning – Frank at Y – Went to show Idots Delight – Gable & Norma Shearer good

[Idiot’s Delight is a comedy starring Norma Shearer and Clark Gable]

Sunday, January 29, 1939

Made a swell Beef dinner – short nap out to Mothers for supper – Norma cross – whole evening listening to radio – Sewed on Norma’s dress

Monday, January 30, 1939

Washed Mrs. Brown helped me watch Norma or I never would have finished – Frank so darn disagreeable

Tuesday, January 31, 1939

Ironed vigorously until 2 o’clock Mrs. Brown watched baby so I walked to lanes & got a few necessary things – ate at chinks

July 27, 2008

December 1938

Thursday, December 1, 1938

Baby at Mothers down town took permanent and had hair set Phil Pappard out with Frank – Staid evening played checkers & he won

Friday, December 2, 1938

Frank wouldn’t go to work until ?? So ?? – learned to crochet so started edge – Frank took us along so we left Baby at Sherman’s to eat

Saturday, December 3, 1938

Putting edge on afghan and then it will be done – It looks very pretty – Ride with Frank – Betty over evening – Christmas shopping & show

Sunday, December 4, 1938

Skipped dinner today – Made star salad and cup cakes – Folks here afternoon & evening – played Chinese Checkers – trying to knit & crochet

[Star Salad:
1 pk (3 oz) Raspberry Jello
1 pk (3 oz) Orange Jello
¼ ts Cinnamon
2 c Boiling water
1 c Cranberry cocktail juice
1 c Cranberry Orange sauce; (Ocean Spray)
1 cn (11 oz) mandarin orange sections; drained
Dissolve gelatin and cinnamon in boiling water. Add cranberry juice cocktail and sauce. Chill until thickened. Add orange sections and pour into 5 cup star mold. Chill at least 4 hours. Unmold.]

Monday, December 5, 1938

Washed huge wash – Baby good – weighs 21 ¼ pounds wrote to Toots, Sara & Sam – Frank stayed down town so I didn’t eat any supper & listening to Radio

Tuesday, December 6, 1938

Frank insisted I go along with him on run – left baby with Cealias – supper home got corn popper and had corn

Wednesday, December 7, 1938

Did ironing and evening worked on Christmas cards – Mother & dad here – had stove moved – Frank out evening – 2:30 before in

Thursday, December 8, 1938

Worked all day drawing Christ cards – Baby so cross 2nd tooth in but its slanted also – Even – painted

Friday, December 9, 1938

Baby with Mother – had treatment and showed girls cards – Met Mrs Brown for lunch & Show – Janet Gaynor The Young in Heart

[The Young in Heart is a comedy starring Janet Gaynor and Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. and Paulette Goddard]

Saturday, December 10, 1938

Cleaned house afternoon still at it but ready by 7:30 – Betty here – Bought some Blocks for Norma – Midnight Show – Bani Brille [?] – Regine & Charlie

Sunday, December 11, 1938

Worked on Block print – Ride afternoon listened to Coughlin – Baby drank milk from cup – Frank and I tried to print but no good

Monday, December 12, 1938

Washed – roast for supper – Worked until late on cards but they arnt any good – Frank out pretty late

Tuesday, December 13, 1938

Ironed – took Baby for ride to Lanes – made cranberries – Jean stopped over – ironed evening again and wrapped gifts until 2:30

Wednesday, December 14, 1938

Went to Christmas Party at Strickmatters – Baby as cute as a little doll – only one Puddel – Mended some clothes and came home early – gift from Mrs. Medford – Hot Pads

Thursday, December 15, 1938

Cleaned Walked down to Lanes and also got hanging for Luella – Evening Frank played Basket ball I wrapped packages & read book on Bible

Friday, December 16, 1938

Down town – Saw Dot – got several more gifts – Blanket for Shermans – Permanent at Ohio Beauty Shop – Supper at Edison – Frank gone evening to Fremont Basketb.

Saturday, December 17, 1938

Finally ready to go to Cleveland – arrived there at 6. Baby good – Toots & Howard took us to Ruby Burlesque – Solomons for corn Beef Sandwich & Bowery dance

Sunday, December 18, 1938

Dinner at Toots – Beverly is such a fat Baby – Stopped back to Luella’s and then Harolds – Home at 6 – Stopped over to Moms but not home so hurried home

Monday, December 19, 1938

Washed and cleaned up house – pretty tired and acky all day – Liver & onions for supper – Frank home for change – Norma acting & looking like a doll

Tuesday, December 20, 1938

[shorthand] did ironing but had such a terrible head ake – left Baby with Cealia we ate at Bud & Lukes – Frank home evening – He is sort of crankey

Wednesday, December 21, 1938

Walked to Lanes – Baby has a bad cold but it can’t be helped – We owe so much money I’m squirmey – Ride out to Mothers – got Billy then went skating

Thursday, December 22, 1938

Billy here I had so much to do I was crazy – Bought a sewing machine and now I must use it – Frank out till 4 A.M. – we made an angel for under Xmas tree

Friday, December 23, 1938

Bill went with Frank – I lofted most of day – Hamburg for supper – Stopped over to Cealias – Rose & Ceal gave us some gifts muff purse for me – tie & green dress for Norma & Frank

Saturday, December 24, 1938

Made cranberries & Chicken – Store afternoon – Folks over here even. Mother & Dad gave us twin lamps Bedroom Rug – Me dress cookey cuters – Frank – pajamas – Darwin theromater & flower rack – game book – cigarettes – Bill – Head for vase

Sunday, December 25, 1938 – Christmas

Norma got Bicycle Bathrobe & Bedspread from gramma – Bill Top – gramma Sherman & aunt Locket – Darwin Horn Ball - I had chicken dinner – Ride to see Christmas lights evening

Monday, December 26, 1938

Still Holiday – after lunch – Went over to see Dave & Bee – then Manny & Virg then Cealia – Dave stayed with Baby we went to see Basket ball game at University – TU won – Sandwiches at NathIn

Tuesday, December 27, 1938

Washed – terrible cold 10 above – did some ironing & mending – evening Frank froze clear through & went to bed early had to lanch his toe

Wednesday, December 28, 1938

Finished ironing – went with Frank to deliver hits very icy evening finished a lot of odds & ends – Frank always bothering me

Thursday, December 29, 1938

Got hysterical – Frank makes me crazy – the way he talks about bills – Baby with Mother – had hair waved & got some baby clothes – Stopped at Elmer & Vivian

Friday, December 30, 1938

Cleaned house – Walked to Lanes for Baby food – terribly icy – last of Chicken for supper – Frank went to TU basked ball game with Manny

Saturday, December 31, 1938

Took Baby out to Mothers for night – Stopped at Mannys & Virg for ½ hr – Over to Elmers for while at Kin Wa Lows till 4 A.M. together had a lovely time very sober


Income 3328.00 [$42,836 today]. Saved 500.00 this year [$6,435 today]

June 23 – 38
Dec. 16 – 38

July 23, 2008

November 1938

Tuesday, November 1, 1938

Washed and ironed all day but it left me pretty tired – Mrs. Brown [neighbor] took Norma for walk – played games and sewed

Wednesday, November 2, 1938

Cleaned house and scrubed – Sorted out Music and practiced a bit – left Baby over to Mother Shermans while we at at Hub CafĂ© – quiet evening home

Thursday, November 3, 1938

Left Baby with Mother and spent whole day with Frank and what a day!! Forgot a spot and pinched – Supper at Bud & Lukes – Visited Popa in hosp.

Friday, November 4, 1938

No school so Frank took Bill along – last visit to Dr – Baby weighs 20 ¼ pounds – stood up alone today & taking steps – Went to show – King of Alcatraz & My Bill – Hot chocolate

[King of Alcatraz is a prison drama starring Gail Patrick and Lloyd Nolan. My Bill is a family drama starring Kay Francis, Bonita Granville, and Anita Louise]

Saturday, November 5, 1938

Made custard pie and Honey cake – got groceries in afternoon – Bill & Frank gone to show – figured up Budget and sewing most of evening – Bill a big help

Sunday, November 6, 1938

A Wonderful Ham for dinner – took Billy home and then went over to Walbridge Zoo & Walked Baby around – quiet Evening home

Monday, November 7, 1938

Washed but Rained and had to hang in basement – Made blocks evening – Pretty tired every night – that’s why I’m so fat

Tuesday, November 8, 1938

It turned bitterly cold – Mrs. Brown stayed with Baby so I had my hair fixed – Frank gone early to play bridge

Wednesday, November 9, 1938

Finished ironing and made blocks rest of day – Norma is taking steps alone – She is so adorable

Thursday, November 10, 1938

Took walk afternoon with Regine – Met a friend of Regine - Dave here for supper – We went to Granada – 3 Blind Mice & the Crowd Roars

[Three Blind Mice is a comedy starring Loretta Young, Joel McCrea and David Niven. The Crowd Roars is a boxing drama starring Robert Taylor and Maureen O’Sullivan]

Friday, November 11, 1938

Had remaining 5 teeth filed – horrible experience – Bought kitchen table and had treatment and Manicure – Supper at Mothers

Saturday, November 12, 1938

Had nice day – made apple cake & Pumpkin pie – and took walk – had nice supper – Frank and Dave went to Ann Arbor football game – Went to Dutch Village – Rivioli Show – Ella Fitzgerald

[Twenty year old Ella Fitzgerald had just had her first hit with A-Tisket A-Tasket at this time]

Sunday, November 13, 1938

Late breakfast – Dave here – got Frank to hang up hooks in basement – Over to Shermans – dinner at Edison – Made Blocks and sewed first Red to Tan

Monday, November 14, 1938

Up early washed and hung clothes in basement – Made 18 blocks together and sewed them together – Frank gone out for evening – Ironed some

Tuesday, November 15, 1938

Ironed and fixed furnace all day couldn’t get warm – Made up some ad’s for girls – darned socks and wrote up diary

Wednesday, November 16, 1938

Down town all day – got Frank Suit and Top coat – Myself a gorcious dress size 16 – Book Story of Philosophy – Supper at Mothers – Early to Bed [wedged in the margin near the line about the dress she wrote: “fore cream also”]

Thursday, November 17, 1938

Cleaned house and Walked to lanes – Saw Mae Ryman – got oranges had light Supper and was pretty tired so after reading awhile – went to bed

Friday, November 18, 1938

Left Baby at Cealias and went with Frank – He had to have his suit fitted – ate at Webster Inn – feed Baby at Cealias and home – Made 25 Blocks

Saturday, November 19, 1938

Made chocolate cake Pumkin pie and nut Bread – Had Betty Findsey over and we went to New Loop theater – Manny & Virg got tired of waiting and we had to go home after them

Sunday, November 20, 1938

Had to cook big Ham dinner but it was a success – took some pictures afternoon & took a ride after taking Ganches home – Went to Bed at 7:30 couldn’t stay up

Monday, November 21, 1938

Frank had to go early and get glasses fixed so I made blocks all day – night I was pretty tired so bed early – can’t stay up late over one night in a week – getting old.

Tuesday, November 22, 1938

Washed and did some of the ironing – Baby walking across room – made more blocks – evening Frank went out to play bridge

Wednesday, November 23, 1938

Disagreement with Frank – finished ironing and made salad for tomorrow – Phil Pappord in town – Bed early to satisfie Frank – He certainly is insistent

Thursday, November 24, 1938 – Thanksgiving

Really feel Thankful this year – Wonderful turkey dinner – Howard & Neva - Toots & Howard came up for afternoon & Supper – We stayed all night at Mothers

Friday, November 25, 1938

Took all day to get the house warm – wrote letters to Sara & Sam and figured up budget – Felt lousy but by evening was feeling better – Norma’s tooth coming

Saturday, November 26, 1938

Rode around with Frank afternoon – left Baby with Cealia and ate out – Spent quite evening at home

Sunday, November 27, 1938

Had steak dinner – Ride afternoon – Very cold – listened to Coughlens speech against Jews – Supper home and sewed.

[Born in Hamilton, Ontario, to Irish parents, Charles Coughlin was ordained in Toronto in 1916 and taught at Assumption College in Windsor, Ontario, before moving to Detroit in 1923. He began his radio broadcasts in 1926, broadcasting weekly sermons on a regular program. After 1936 Coughlin increasingly expressed sympathy for the fascist policies of Hitler and Mussolini as an antidote to Bolshevism. His radio broadcasts also became overtly anti-Semitic. He blamed the Depression on an "international conspiracy of Jewish bankers", and also claimed that Jewish bankers were behind the Russian Revolution. On 27 November 1938, he said "There can be no doubt that the Russian Revolution ... was launched and fomented by distinctively Jewish influence." On Nov. 20, 1938, two weeks after Kristallnacht, when Jews across Germany were attacked and killed, and Jewish businesses and homes burned, Coughlin blamed the Jewish victims, saying that "Jewish persecution only followed after Christians first were persecuted."]

Monday, November 28, 1938

Did wash after Baby took nap – took walk and had a nice dinner ready

Tuesday, November 29, 1938

Ironed and finished early – took a walk – Frank gone evening but I went to bed early anyway

Wednesday, November 30, 1938

Made oatmeal cookies and Bran muffins to take to girls – took a long walk – called Mother and talked for a while


First tooth through but it seems to be crooked – 21 ¼ lbs – 149 lbs me

July 19, 2008

October, 1938

Saturday, October 1, 1938

Finished ironing by 11:30 – cleaned house – made cake and washed diapers – Davie & Billie both here for lunch & Supper – Show Valentine – Boys town – Waffels at Toodels

[Boy’s Town stars Spencer Tracy and Mickey Rooney]

Sunday, October 1, 1938

Davie & Billie & Frank washed windows for me – had chicken dinner – took kids home and figured out Budget – Sewed

Monday, October 2, 1938

Washed curtains and got them back up – Wish I never had to clean house its such a Job. Baby wets more than ever – Went to bed early

Tuesday, October 3, 1938

Finished ironing curtains – took walk with Norma afternoon Mrs. Brown went along – Hamburg steak for supper – Frank went card playing even.

Wednesday, October 4, 1938

Everybody ran the door bell today – washed diapers – finished Budget – I spend to much money – Every week $50 it cost to live [$643.58 today] – Worked on afghan evening & listened to Radio

Thursday, October 5, 1938

Ate Breakfast at toodel house – Baby at Mothers – Paid all the Bills down town – had treatment and Hair set – Electricity off – Supper at Mothers – so tired

Friday, October 6, 1938

Washed again – got cleaned up – took Norma to Dr for Monthly exam weigh 19 ¾ - Spent evening home alone – Frank and Dave went out – Made 15 blocks [although it looks like it could say “clocks”] today

Saturday, October 7, 1938

Figured up Budget – took Baby to Dr. for exam – Weight 19 ¾ lbs – diets includes Fish and Meat but she still don’t like egg or cottage cheese

Saturday, October 8, 1938

Fooled around all day – Ride out for Billy about 6:30 – We went to show 4 Marx Brothers – Waffels afterwards at toodel House

[The movies was mostly likely Room Service, starring The Marx Brothers, Lucille Ball and Ann Miller]

Sunday, October 9, 1938

Didn’t do anything I should today But made a good chicken dinner – Dave Farber here – took Billy home stayed for supper

Monday, October 10, 1938

Had Wash on line at 10 O’clock But what’s the use Bee Farber had to pay me a visit on afternoon – Ride to deliver hits gosh I’ll miss those Rides

Tuesday, October 11, 1938

Frank had to monkey around all morning – didn’t get started on ironing until 11 o’clock but finished ride to deliver hits – Evening alone Frank out

Wednesday, October 12, 1938 – Columbus Day

Struggeling with ad – Mother & Father Sherman here all day – mad good lunch of Salman – Walked ice cream at Franklin – Lovely evening – Bath

Thursday, October 13, 1938

Down town all day – took treatment and went to show with Martha – Riviollo – I enjoy these days down town so much – Supper out too

Downtown Toledo

Friday, October 14, 1938

Cleaned house – Walked to store – While Supper Baking went for ride with Frank – He played bridge – I stayed home as usual

Saturday, October 15, 1938

Baked a glorious cake – took exercises over Radio – Walked to Lanes for Babies food – Ride afternoon out to Mothers – took Cealia along – Sewed – Have 100 blocks done

Sunday, October 16, 1938

Went out riding afternoon took Charlie and Regine along they stayed for supper – Regine wraped a couple of Balls of yarn for me

Monday, October 17, 1938

Washed clothes and did all the ironing – lovely day – Roast for supper – took Bath and monkeyed around all evening did 5 blocks

Tuesday, October 18, 1938

Walked to library – Moe walked with us – light supper – June over so we went to Show – Ozie Nelson & Harriet Hillard - Rivioli

[Hmm… not sure what she saw since I can’t find any joint film appearances for Ozzie and Harriet until 1943]

Wednesday, October 19, 1938

I spent most of day cleaning – Frank out all night playing bridge – Sewed all the Tan blocks together – heard Fred Allen & Mirian Hopkins

Thursday, October 20, 1938

Down town – Had treatment – lunch with Dora – got some more yarn – Saw Mrs. Paine and new house – Supper at Mothers so cold went to Beach

Friday, October 21, 1938

Cleaned house – Billy came out after school so we went to show Paramount saw Ritz Brothers good – had coffee and hamburgs before coming home

[The Ritz Brothers film was probably Straight Place and Show, a comedy starring the Ritz Brothers and Ethel Merman]

Saturday, October 22, 1938

Sent Bill to show afternoon and then instead of going out evening went to Bed at 9 o’clock – I’m foolish to miss this

Sunday, October 23, 1938

Had 4 lb chicken dinner – took Billy home and staid for supper – Gladys & Francis there – Have a new game called chinese checkers

Monday, October 24, 1938

Washed and ironed all in one day and still felt able to go evening – Have about 1/3 of afghan done hope to finish it by December

Tuesday, October 25, 1938

Mrs. Brown and us walked clear down to point – got Baby some cute gloves – Beautiful days we are having – letter from Sam & Sara – Frank gone even.

Wednesday, October 26, 1938

Cleaned up early so I could take a walk – but didn’t get out. Made Jelly – Hamburg for Supper

Thursday, October 27, 1938

Norma one year old – What a long year this was but she is so darling and cute – got her a big teddy Bear & coat set – Mother here for day – gave her a panda bear and train toy – Franks dad in Hospital

Friday, October 28, 1938

Had 2 teeth filled – Have 4 others to fix yet – Jean gave me a treatment – lunch together – stopped at Mothers – stayed at hospital – Father Sherman there

Saturday, October 29, 1938

[shorthand] Worries over for another month – hot in the house – took walk met Mae Ryman – gave Halween kids cider and doenuts – letter from Luella – Played chinese checkers

Sunday, October 30, 1938

Cleaned up house and sewed on afghan – took Cealia and family over to hospital & home – Many & Virg over for evening – played checkers – gave Norma Blue dress for Birthday

Monday, October 31, 1938 – Hallowe’en

Couldn’t wash so sewed and pressed clothes – steak for supper - rode with Frank to deliver hits – Such beautiful days never saw anything like

July 15, 2008

September, 1938

Thursday, September 1, 1938

Out to Mothers – downtown all day bought whole new outfit – there for supper. Baby so good – went to bed so nice – it certainly is wonderful to have her

Friday, September 2, 1938

Left Baby with Mother Sherman and went with Frank – took Baby to Dr – Weight 18 lbs 12 oz – had vaccinations – ate at Bud & Lukes – Home evening

Saturday, September 3, 1938 – Dad’s Birthday [He’s 45]

45 – cleaned house washed Baby things – Ride out to Mothers – gave Dad carton of cigarettes – stayed for supper – even. terrible cold – took dose of castor oil

Sunday, September 4, 1938

My head is like a Baloon – sneezing and blowing all day – my resistance sure down – slept afternoon – Ride took Shermans with us – coffee & rolls home – and wrote letter

Monday, September 5, 1938

Labor Day – came sick – terrible cold felt miserable all day – over to Mannys & Virginias for supper – Hot and stuffy – Home early and to Bed – can’t even keep eyes open

Tuesday, September 6, 1938

Went out to Mothers for a coupla days even Baby has cold- Taking pills so feeling better – Frank out evening – sewed and talked to dad

Wednesday, September 7, 1938

Up all night with Norma – Went down town with Dot to see Marie Antonette – Met Frank at 4 – Supper at Mothers and home – so grouchy I am

[Marie Antoinette stars Norma Shearer, Tyrone Power and John Barrymore]

Thursday, September 8, 1938

I’m still grouchy – fixed hair this A.M. instead of working – took walk to library – Burned up dinner – went to store for steaks & brought Mae Riman home with me – Frank gone evening

Friday, September 9, 1938

Took Baby to Dr. to change banage on vacanation – only charged $1.00 [$13.00 today] – home for supper and shewed evening – working on Luellas Christmas pres

Saturday, September 10, 1938

Baked cake and pie and got Billy in afternoon – Swell supper – Show – Westwood – Crime School Hamburgs and cake and home about

[Crime School is a drama starring Humphrey Bogart and The Dead End Kids]

Sunday, September 11, 1938

Huray – went to church but disappointed because of new Minister – Took Billy home – Gramma & Susie there – ride over to Shermans – home even.

Monday, September 12, 1938

Washed and got all done early – Hamburgs for supper – Frank trying to teach me bridge but I’m too tired & sleepy – Bed at 9

Tuesday, September 13, 1938

Ironed & finished – Mrs Brown watched Baby morning – Supper was terrible Frank played golf – Went to Bed at 9 o’clock – Frank sore at me

Wednesday, September 14, 1938

Rained Mother Baby and I went to Guild meeting at Hall – No supper – Martha Davids & Jean Pfarnder over – want me to write some ads for them

Thursday, September 15, 1938

Stayed home today and cleaned house – made left over hash but Frank no like – sewed even – I’m bored with every day life

Friday, September 16, 1938

Took Baby out to Mothers so I could go down town – paid bills and had a steam bath at Marthas & Jeans – delighted with it. Bought Baby walker & sweater – over to Charlie & Regines for even.

Saturday, September 17, 1938

Made nut cake – Frank & Bill home for lunch – Frank got walker for Baby from Sears & we put it together – she climbs out of it too – Bed early – Frank surprises me – Sam & Saras Wedding anniversary

Sears - Toledo, Ohio

Sunday, September 18, 1938

eggs – Home all day – Baked ham for dinner – Frank took Baby for ride - worked on ad – milk & coke supper [That’s what it says – I suppose she means “cake”] – sewed and read evening – cold already

Monday, September 19, 1938

Washed so baby didn’t take nap and had heck of a time – but did most of ironing so everything fine – scrabing with Frank about money – sewed on Luellas xmas gift

Tuesday, September 20, 1938

Ironed rest of Baby clothes and worked on writing ad. Made baked beans with wieners – Ride over to Cealias with Baby – taking bath and bed early

Wednesday, September 21, 1938

3rd year [This is Frank & Helen’s 3rd wedding anniversary] – gave Frank tie 4 socks and house slippers – He brought home 3 lb candy 3 pair hose – had June over and went to show – Astair Rogers – Carefree and chicken Subreen at Kin Wok [That last part is impossible to read, but that’s what it looks like to me.]

[Carefree is a musical/comedy starring Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers and Ralph

Thursday, September 22, 1938

Took Baby out to Mothers & went to Marjions – They liked my ads and gave me another tr. Lunch with Martha – got Baby Blue dress – Supper at Mothers

Friday, September 23, 1938

Cleaned house – took Baby for walk afternoon – got a good Book at lib. – Frank gone even. so started affagan that I’m making for Mothers Christmas present

Saturday, September 24, 1938

Made 8 Blocks today but didn’t bake. Wrote letter to toots – Home this evening – Frank never knows what to do with himself

Sunday, September 25, 1938

Beautiful day – Sewed on poarch – took ride out to Mothers – not home so feed baby there any how – dark when we got home – peaceful day

Monday, September 26, 1938

Sewed most of day – Baked pie – stew for supper – Walked to library – Ride with Frank – over to Regines – Bed about 11 P.M. – I’m too woried over finances

Tuesday, September 27, 1938

Sewed washed Baby pants – I’m trying to train her – I wish she would hurry & learn – Ride with Frank – Supper at Bud & Lukes

Wednesday, September 28, 1938

Frank got home at 7 A.M. But promised never again – left Baby at Cealias and went alone to deliver hits – Davie stayed with baby so we went to show – Test Pilot Clark gable Myra Loy

[Test Pilot is a drama starring Clark Gable, Myrna Loy and Spencer Tracy]

Thursday, September 29, 1938

Down town for another treatment – got baby red Baret Myself gold belt – ads not so good this month – Supper at Mothers – Wrote letter Sara – Sewing

Friday, September 30, 1938

[shorthand] Washed and finished by 2 o’clock had remainder of stew – Davie here for even, met Mother & Brother at New Vocational high – stopped at Mary Janes – Brought ice cream home

MEMORANDUM – weight 150

July 10, 2008

August 1938

Monday, August 1, 1938

Washed – trying to get Baby on 3 meal day – cleaned – Walked to library & pictures – Stopped at Lanes for Soda – Frank to ball game with Manny

Tuesday, August 2, 1938

Ironed half of ironing – had a hot day – Harry Wierly guest for dinner – swimming at Centennial pool evening – Pop corn – ride & home – Rose here for night

Wednesday, August 3, 1938

Finished ironing – slept afternoon – its terribly hot – had corn omelet for supper – spent evening mending and crabing with Frank he always doubts my love for him

Thursday, August 4, 1938

Read all day and night too – left Frank feed Baby while I walked to library with Regine Swartz – Frank sore at me because I read

Toledo Public Library

Friday, August 5, 1938

Took Baby to Dr. today – weight 18 ½ pounds – starting her on three meals a day – Frank gone to Deliver hit money & home very late – sewed

Saturday, August 6, 1938

Prepared all morning food – Went to cleveland afternoon – Supper at grandmas – Even at Toots played poker and crabs till 4 A.M. – Not girls just fellows – terrible tired & tough Baby

Sunday, August 7, 1938

Up at 5 A.M. with Baby – so feed her and back to bed – Luella made a swell chicken dinner – Toots Baby & Betty over for awhile – came home about 3:30 – very tired naturally

Monday, August 8, 1938

Walked to library & Lanes – Baby standing up in Bigboy – out to Mothers for supper – corn on cob – Even – home Frank says he can lose more weight than I - 170-150

Tuesday, August 9, 1938

Washed clothes – cleaned Basement – steak dinner – dampened clothes – watered grass – wrote letter Toots – Frank gone for evening – Sewed – terribly hot

Wednesday, August 10, 1938

[shorthand] Very hot day did some ironing – Went with Frank to deliver money – hamburgs – feel lousy – Went to show with Regine Swartz Westwood – B Tayor – 3 comrades – Storm

[Three Comrades is a drama starring Robert Taylor, Margaret Sullavan, Franchot Tone and Robert Young. The Storm is an adventure movie starring Charles Bickford]

Thursday, August 11, 1938

Finished ironing cleaned house and spent evening listened to opera Rigoletto from Wallbridge – My ambition is to see one next year – Dorothy B phoned

Friday, August 12, 1938

Loafed morning & afternoon because of company Dorothy Baron & Georgia Whiton and so pleased to see them – Frank home early had Piceroll fish – Ride with Virg & Manny

Saturday, August 13, 1938

So sleepy went back to bed until 9:30 – afternoon down town got Baby new shoes – size 3 dress pants & some music – out to pier dancing with Manny & Virg Eve Ganch Baby

Sunday, August 14, 1938

Sleep all day practically – Baby cross has lose bowels – Nice cool breeze on porch – Regine S. over for ½ hr. hot dogs for supper – Dot & Jim over Beer – talked

Monday, August 15, 1938

Scrubed floor – Baby still cross – Bill over on Bicycle – Both went to Ball game this even – Writing letters to Luella & Sara – Ride late – cut grass – tired

Tuesday, August 16, 1938

I have the worst wash days – Rained ironed some things wet – went to Toledo Beach – Hamburgs & home – Show – Gun rado [?] – Blue Beards 8th wife – Colbert & G. Cooper

[Bluebeard’s Eighth Wife is an Ernst Lubitsch comedy starring Claudette Colbert and Gary Cooper]

Wednesday, August 17, 1938

Ironed – Billy helped clean – went to library with Regine – Baby still sick – Show – Westwood with Regine – I better start getting some sleep

Thursday, August 18, 1938

Out to Mothers early in the morning – mended some things – Shower on Dot Woolf – went with Louse Ulrich – I sure wish I could get thin – Frank went to ball game

Friday, August 19, 1938

Enjoyed day at mothers – sewed & slept – came home after supper – I like to go away but like better to come home – Baby feeling good now and acting cutter than ever

Saturday, August 20, 1938

Letter from toots – took exercise – Franks folks & Mother here for lunch – Krepla very good – Manny & Virg here evening and all night – I don’t enjoy their company

Sunday, August 21, 1938

Bacon & eggs breakfast – Dorothy Baron over & Johny – Man & Virg & all Went to Gem Beach – Baby eats sand cross crawly and embarrasses me very much when we ate out – even home

Monday, August 22, 1938

Pictures came – pretty cute – rode over to Mannys to see them – Home a gain – sewed evening – Frank home also – we still argue about things

Tuesday, August 23, 1938

Baby fell & hurt leg so rushed to Dr & had exras taken nuthing broke but – Mary Jane and Vince over played cards and served coca cola

Wednesday, August 24, 1938

So tired all day – took Baby to Dr for exra – Came home on street car – Baby so cross – H goodleman & D. Penn & others here – played bridge served lunch – played piano

Thursday, August 25, 1938

Busy most of day cleaning out cubbards – had a light supper and went to bed at 7:30 slept like a log all night with I could do this oftener

Friday, August 26, 1938

Cleaned up house scrubed kitchen – took Baby out to Mothers for her supper – Brought Billy back with us – ate at Bud & Lukes – Show Lord Jeff Back in circulation

[Lord Jeff is a drama starring Freddie Bartholomew and Mickey Rooney. Back In Circulation is a mystery/comedy starring Pat O’Brien and Joan Blondell]

Bud & Lukes

Saturday, August 27, 1938

Up at 6 – made a custard pie – walked to store – had Baked potatoes for lunch – slept afternoon – took Billy home – stopped for ice cream and spent evening home

Sunday, August 28, 1938

Up at 6 AM. ironed while Frank played Ball – Baby cross foot hurts her yet – Read Books sewed and Bed early

Monday, August 29, 1938

Tore rose bush down so I could hang laundry on side – Washed – had waffels here for supper – Frank home even – Visited Mrs. Brown upstairs

Tuesday, August 30, 1938

Ironed from 6:30 on since Baby got up at 6 AM. Louise and Nanny here even – had a headake after they left – Frank & I went for ride & roast Beef sand

Wednesday, August 31, 1938

Billy here – waffels for Br – had hair set – slept from 7-8 and went to show with Frank – Golywin Follies and Jezibel – very good – came home late malted milk

[The Goldwyn Follies is a musical starring Adolphe Menjou and The Ritz Brothers. Jezebel is a drama starring Bette Davis and Henry Fonda]

Weight 151 – dam this fat – might as well be carrying another baby

July 7, 2008

July 1938

Friday, July 1, 1938

Up early ironed and gave Baby bath – Dr. appointment – Weighs 18 lbs – last injections for whooping cough – Frank played tennis even – Wrote Sam

Saturday, July 2 – Birthday

Age 22 – ironed all day so I might go out but stayed home – Elmer & Vivian over for evening – made Bacon & eggs – Frank brought me Box of Evening in Paris Perfume & candy

Sunday, July 3, 1938

Out to Mothers early – played tennis – Mother & Dad gave me knit slip and hand towels – Ride around river – Luella Bill & grandfather there – Home late – Read Book

Monday, July 4, 1938

Lazy morning – Manny phoned afternoon took Mrs. Sherman Harry & Davey to Toledo Beach – Baby cross – Supper home – Read Books and magazines & Bed early

Tuesday, July 5, 1938

Feel guilty that I didn’t wash but don’t intend to this week – Noon walked to library got a couple novels and cut magazine – Bill here all night – Frank played tennis with Man. – Rode around

Wednesday, July 6, 1938

Luella [her aunt] came over afternoon had Salmon cakes for supper – good – Sat out in yard evening and talked – Frank went away for evening – Went to Bed early

Thursday, July 7, 1938

Mother got here about noon for lunch – talked a great deal – F home early so took Mother & Luella home – Made left overs into salad – Show Westwood with Mae & June Riman

Friday, July 8, 1938

Stayed home – sewed & cleaned house – Baby cross won’t heat – very hot – after supper took ride out for Luella & Bill – Baby awake most of night – Walked her

Saturday, July 9, 1938

Made a picnic lunch in morning and afternoon went to Gem Beach – Swimming – had a swell time but paid for my pleasure by being up all night with Norma

Sunday, July 10, 1938

Rushed around like mad trying to get ready by 11:30 but made it took Luella back to Moms – Manny & Virg with us to Gem Beach again

Monday, July 11, 1938

Got a late start but did wash – Frank home early so he had to leave & play tennis – Roast for supper on hot day – worked in yard for awhile – Bed early

Tuesday, July 12, 1938

Up at 6:30 – got ironing all done by 2 O clock – I should get up at that time every morning – Wrote Luella telling her we wouldn’t come Sat. – Frank out nite

Wednesday, July 13, 1938

So wonderful to be lazy – loafed the whole day – Walked to library – Read mag & played with my darling Baby – She is adorable – Home evening

Thursday, July 14, 1938

Went out to Mothers & left Baby all day – Bought Blue lace dress – girdle & Table cloth – Feeling so tired and crabby – Hope I haven’t anything to worry about

Friday, July 15, 1938

Cleaned house – made apple pie and stewed chicken – Played tennis Germain park 6:30 – Bath – Pretty worried by now – gained weight again

Saturday, July 16, 1938 [shorthand]

Over to Sherman’s and Cealias [Frank’s sister] finally out home – left Baby while we went to show (lousy) got home by 6 and sat around all even.

Sunday, July 17, 1938

Manny here all day – good br. – cleaned up house and took bath – ride – over to Mannys house – Fed baby there home late – Had left over chicken

Monday, July 18, 1938

Rainey all morning – cleaned up the house – Norma first started to crawl and does she go – from front room to kitchen – So adorable I play with her all the time

Tuesday, July 19, 1938

Took a long walk to point got some ivy plants & african Violet and groceries – so loaded down couldn’t get home – Potato salad for supper – Read book – Frank out all n.

Wednesday, July 20, 1938

Washed very early & ironed afternoon – light supper – Frank gone even. so fixed figer and toe nails – took bath and read book – had a swell night

Thursday, July 21, 1938

Ironed most of day – had roast beef for dinner and it was swell – took a ride Baby and all – Regine Charlie & Baby – Home at 10. Ice cream

Friday, July 22, 1938 – 149 weight

Mother over for day and Dad here for supper – fried chicken – letter from Denver – Walked to lanes – Frank eating fried chicken in bed – he bothers me

Saturday, July 23, 1938

Frank brought folks home (cealia too) at noon – We went swimming at Centennial quarry afternoon – Westwood gardens Evening – Phil Spatommi (girl orchestra) drinks – swell time

[Phil Spitalny and His Hour of Charm Orchestra - Theme Song: "My Isle of Golden Dreams" - Phil was the Male Leader, but it was an All-Girl Orchestra. (There were other 'ALL" girl Orchestras - perhaps the best known was Ina Ray Hutton & her Melodears). One of the features of the Phil Spitalny orchestra was "'Evelyn and her Magic Violin". Phil's radio show was called the "Hour of Charm" and the Mistress of Ceremonies was Arlene Francis. Phil had a decent enough Radio and Dance orchestra, but this "all girl" orchestra was just a novelty of the times. In time, Phil married his 'magic violinist' and retired to Miami Beach. He filled out his retirement years as a music critic for a Miami newspaper.]

Sunday, July 24, 1938

Sherman’s here all night – Stiff ake all over – Franky has terrible akey tooth – Home all day – wrote letter to Toots – Frank gone evening – cleaning out desk drawers

Monday, July 25, 1938

Stayed home all day – Went with Frank to deliver hits – got hamburgs & home – Hottest that its been – read – played cards – to library & ice cream

Tuesday, July 26, 1938

Took Baby out to Mothers go Hair set – Bought a dictionary 3.50 [$45.00 today] – Rose came home with us – We went to Valentine saw Love came to Andy Hardy – Waffels at Toodel House

[Love Finds Andy Hardy is a comedy starring Mickey Rooney, Judy Garland and Lana Turner]

Wednesday, July 27, 1938

Had refridator looked at – nothing serious – Frank brought home a Hoover for me – tried it out imediately – that was the last thing I needed – F out for night

[1937 Hoover model 25 Upright - This model was issued to celebrate Hoover's 30th anniversary in 1938. This cleaner was also designed by the famous industrial designer Henry Dreyfuss. Model 25 was Hoover's "popular price" cleaner and sold with attachments as a "cleaning ensemble" It was also was one of the last models with the large handle fork.]

Thursday, July 28, 1938

Cleaned house with new Hoover but had to get Mae Ryman to show me how to use attachments – Phil & Frank played ball – Sandwichs at10:00

Friday, July 29, 1938

Nice cool day – walked to store – over to Regine – Her Lenord is a rough neck – hurt Normie – steak for supper – Frank gone evening – took a Bath and finished books (Sons by Buck)

[“Sons” is the sequel to Pearl S. Buck’s “The Good Earth”]

Saturday, July 30, 1938

I have sure lost my pep – slept nearly all day – Frank has a gash on the head from car – Bed at 9 o’clock – wish we would get co.

Sunday, July 31, 1938

Rained all day – made a cake morning – took Norma out to Mothers & took kids to show – cowboy from brookland – supper out home – Baby is so good and sweet

[Cowboy From Brooklyn is a musical comedy starring Dick Powell, Pat O’Brien, Priscilla Lane, Ann Sheridan and Ronald Reagan]

July 2, 2008

June 1938

Wednesday, June 1, 1938

Too ambitious – washed everything – Bed spreads & Blankets – Managed to get cleaned up before Frank got home – Read evening

Thursday, June 2, 1938

Ironed and fussed with Baby – Agnes had 5 pound Baby girl 29 –terribly tired tonight – finished Book – Frank brought home candy bars

Friday, June 3, 1938

Ironed – Frank took me along at 3 o’clock got home late. I went to Westwood Show with Regine – Walked home alone – “Bowery & Mama goes wild”

[The Bowery (1933) is a drama starring Wallace Beery, George Raft, Jackie Cooper and Fay Wray. Mama Runs Wild (1937) is a comedy starring Mary Boland and Ernest Truex.]

Saturday, June 4, 1938

Got groceries all put away and when Frank came home we took ride out to Ceals left baby – got Radio in car – I got Pad for play pen

Sunday, June 5, 1938

Played out in the Sun – took ride afternoon got Manny & Virg – spent evening home didn’t know what to do with ourselves – It Rained evening

Monday, June 6, 1938

Cleaned house – Made lamb stew – Practiced about hour & sewed – Frank gone playing ball – Have so Manny things I’d like to do

Tuesday, June 7, 1938

Made a pie – Baby had first fall got bumb on head not serious – took walk with Regine to library and got more books – I’m reading a lot

Wednesday, June 8, 1938

Feel guilty not working this week – no wash or ironing but thats the way it should be always – I try to do too much

Thursday, June 9, 1938

F brought Mr. & Mrs. Sherman over for day – took pictures had an elaborate lunch and Ride before taking them home

Friday, June 10, 1938

Frank brought home meat & bread & Davy – had picnic lunch and later we went to see show – Robin hood at Riviolla – drove to Polar Bend [?]

[The Adventures of Robin Hood is an adventure film starring Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland]

Saturday, June 11, 1938

Frank had a meeting so stayed home today and made him nice supper – June Riman over to watch baby so took Manny & Virg for ride – Home at P.M.

Sunday, June 12, 1938

Out to Mothers for dinner – roast leg of lamb – Ride to airport & supper at folks – Home & put Norma to bed about 7 o clock

Monday, June 13, 1938

Washed got an early start so had things well in hand by the time Frank came home – alone evening so read books – Norma saying Dadda

Tuesday, June 14, 1938

Ironed all day and did my best to finish but couldn’t – Went to Boy Scout field with folks – Had June Riman stay with baby

Wednesday, June 15, 1938

Walked to lanes and got Rug cleaning set & cleaned both rugs – Regine & friend over – Frank helped move furniture around – arms ake

Thursday, June 16, 1938

Mother here all day – So busy didn’t even get to take a walk – Bill came on bicycle – we went to show – King Kong at Panthan

[King Kong (1933) stars Fay Wray and Bruce Cabot]

[The 900-seat Pantheon Theatre shows as open in 1935. It was located on St. Clair Street, one block north of Broadway. The Pantheon closed in 1980 and has since been demolished.]

Friday, June 17, 1938

Norma to Dr. Weight 17 lbs 10 oz – first whooping cough injection – evening alone – Walked to lanes – Read Books

Saturday, June 18, 1938

Had to make milk at 6 A.M. Baby cross – downtown got new Black & White shoes hose and Brasier – Frank stayed home – Went to recital with Legers – saw Holtz’s

Sunday, June 19, 1938

Cleaned house this morning – left Norma with grandma – Had chicken dinner at club – Ride stopped at Sally & Aron Friedman [?] – Met Ike Zaner & wife from New Mex – Evening with neighbors named Meyer

Monday, June 20, 1938

Letter from toots – Did wash – Frank home with Red Sharp – took ride got custard – hot all day – Regine over – to bed early – Norma is so pretty

Tuesday, June 21, 1938

Got started early gave Normy sun bath before 10 – Having Scrubs cleaned out in front – ironing – walked to library with Regine – Clara & Max over for an hour [Max is Frank’s brother] – ice cream

Wednesday, June 22, 1938

Hot – took Bath – Baby slept good – answered 4 letters – walked to lanes – sent Agnes gift for baby – both of us reading books tonight – Smelling Louis fight

[Fight of the Century: On the evening of June 22, 1938, the world turned towards two fighters in a ring in Yankee Stadium. Movie houses paused their films and broadcast the event over loudspeakers. In a country of 130 million people, seventy million Americans listened to the boxing match. "Everyone stopped and listened to the fight. Even the streetcars stopped,"

Louis Destroys Schmeling in Rematch: It was more than a boxing match. The fight lasted a mere 124 seconds, but its outcome would live forever. The rematch between Joe Louis and Max Schmeling served as the pinnacle of Louis' career and is remembered as one of the major sports events of the 20th century. As the United States inched closer toward World War II, the 1938 rematch between Louis and Schmeling had worldwide implications. Adolf Hitler had risen to power in Germany and his persecution of Jews, which ultimately led to the Holocaust, had begun. Schmeling, born in Brandenburg, Germany, won the vacant world heavyweight title in 1930. On June 19, 1936, he fought the unbeaten Louis and knocked him out in the 12th round. On June 22, 1937, Louis became the first black since Jack Johnson to win the heavyweight title when he knocked out James J. Braddock in the eighth round. After that fight, Louis insisted he not be called champ until he avenged the loss to Schmeling. A few weeks before the rematch, Louis visited President Franklin Delano Roosevelt at the White House. Roosevelt told the fighter, "Joe, we need muscles like yours to beat Germany." Louis wrote, "I knew I had to get Schmeling good. I had my own personal reasons and the whole damned country was depending on me." When Schmeling arrived in New York, protesters picketed the hotel where he was staying, and chanted" Nazi, Nazi." Traveling among the fighter's entourage was a Nazi party publicist who was responsible for the newspaper reports that suggested a black man could not defeat Schmeling and that his purse from the fight would be used by the German army to build tanks. The Louis-Schmeling rematch took place on the humid night of June 22, 1938 with 70,043 paying customers jamming Yankee Stadium. Millions more throughout the world heard the bout on radio. It was broadcast in four languages: English, German, Portuguese and Spanish. At the opening bell, Louis forced Schmeling to the ropes. Suddenly a Louis right lifted Schmeling's right foot in the air and the German grabbed the top rope to steady himself. Schmeling extended only his left arm for protection. Louis then unloaded a barrage of punches, many landing against Schmeling's head. Schmeling then turned away from the champion and a body shot seemed to leave him paralyzed. With Schmeling still pinned along the ropes, a Louis right buckled his knees and referee Arthur Donovan intervened. After a brief count, he allowed the action to continue. Schmeling wobbled toward Louis and was met with a right hand that sent him crashing to the canvas. Schmeling reached his feet but another Louis combination sent him down again. The Schmeling corner then threw a towel into the ring, signifying their surrender. Donovan, who had reached the count of five, waved the bout off after just 2 minutes and four seconds of action. Schmeling threw just two punches in the bout. Louis would hold the heavyweight title until 1949, making a record 25 defenses, but Schmeling never challenged for the crown again. He fought only six more times and each of those bouts was in Germany. ]

Thursday, June 23, 1938

Took Norma over to Mothers and went down town – got a $5 permanent [$64.00 today] & Supper at Moms – brought Billy [her brother] back with us – Played tennis at Germain Park – 6 0 but down 8 – 6

Friday, June 24, 1938

Rushed around like mad – Billy cleaned house while I cleaned up kitchen – Took Baby to Dr 2nd Shots for W.C. – Took Manny & Virg for ride

Saturday, June 25, 1938

Walked over to Regines didn’t do any thing – lunch and went with dad – even Billy here took Charlie & Regine out & at Tapbermills [?] – Bud & Lukes

Sunday, June 26, 1938

Rained all day – Had a dinner for a change – Frankie gone for awhile – Mom & Pop over for even. – brought pictures of Baby – tired Billy stay

Monday, June 27, 1938

Cold so didn’t wash – sewed walked to library – Baby good – Frankie home early so played a set of tennis at Willis Park – 11-6-4 – Even – Show – West. Marco Polo (good)

[The Adventures of Marco Polo stars Gary Cooper, Sigrid Gurie and Basil Rathbone. It was also one of Lana Turner’s first films]

Tuesday, June 28, 1938

Beautiful day – Bill with Frank – cleaned out linen cubbard & hung some pictures – left overs for supper but made cake & pie early

Frank and Helen’s house:

Wednesday, June 29, 1938

Out to Mothers all day sewing and mending – F home early took brothers and played tennis at Highland Park – Dot & Jim over at 8 but didn’t wait until we got home

Thursday, June 30, 1938

My unlucky day – Washed – Rained put up clothes twice outside and finally hung them in Basement – took ride with Frank – Baby good