Helen's Diary

This is a transcription of some diaries I bought at an antique store near Toledo, Ohio. When the diary starts in January 1937, Helen is a young wife and soon to become a new mother. If you wish to read it, it's best to start with the first post - January 1937 (my oldest post) - and then follow along with her everyday life.

July 19, 2008

October, 1938

Saturday, October 1, 1938

Finished ironing by 11:30 – cleaned house – made cake and washed diapers – Davie & Billie both here for lunch & Supper – Show Valentine – Boys town – Waffels at Toodels

[Boy’s Town stars Spencer Tracy and Mickey Rooney]

Sunday, October 1, 1938

Davie & Billie & Frank washed windows for me – had chicken dinner – took kids home and figured out Budget – Sewed

Monday, October 2, 1938

Washed curtains and got them back up – Wish I never had to clean house its such a Job. Baby wets more than ever – Went to bed early

Tuesday, October 3, 1938

Finished ironing curtains – took walk with Norma afternoon Mrs. Brown went along – Hamburg steak for supper – Frank went card playing even.

Wednesday, October 4, 1938

Everybody ran the door bell today – washed diapers – finished Budget – I spend to much money – Every week $50 it cost to live [$643.58 today] – Worked on afghan evening & listened to Radio

Thursday, October 5, 1938

Ate Breakfast at toodel house – Baby at Mothers – Paid all the Bills down town – had treatment and Hair set – Electricity off – Supper at Mothers – so tired

Friday, October 6, 1938

Washed again – got cleaned up – took Norma to Dr for Monthly exam weigh 19 ¾ - Spent evening home alone – Frank and Dave went out – Made 15 blocks [although it looks like it could say “clocks”] today

Saturday, October 7, 1938

Figured up Budget – took Baby to Dr. for exam – Weight 19 ¾ lbs – diets includes Fish and Meat but she still don’t like egg or cottage cheese

Saturday, October 8, 1938

Fooled around all day – Ride out for Billy about 6:30 – We went to show 4 Marx Brothers – Waffels afterwards at toodel House

[The movies was mostly likely Room Service, starring The Marx Brothers, Lucille Ball and Ann Miller]

Sunday, October 9, 1938

Didn’t do anything I should today But made a good chicken dinner – Dave Farber here – took Billy home stayed for supper

Monday, October 10, 1938

Had Wash on line at 10 O’clock But what’s the use Bee Farber had to pay me a visit on afternoon – Ride to deliver hits gosh I’ll miss those Rides

Tuesday, October 11, 1938

Frank had to monkey around all morning – didn’t get started on ironing until 11 o’clock but finished ride to deliver hits – Evening alone Frank out

Wednesday, October 12, 1938 – Columbus Day

Struggeling with ad – Mother & Father Sherman here all day – mad good lunch of Salman – Walked ice cream at Franklin – Lovely evening – Bath

Thursday, October 13, 1938

Down town all day – took treatment and went to show with Martha – Riviollo – I enjoy these days down town so much – Supper out too

Downtown Toledo

Friday, October 14, 1938

Cleaned house – Walked to store – While Supper Baking went for ride with Frank – He played bridge – I stayed home as usual

Saturday, October 15, 1938

Baked a glorious cake – took exercises over Radio – Walked to Lanes for Babies food – Ride afternoon out to Mothers – took Cealia along – Sewed – Have 100 blocks done

Sunday, October 16, 1938

Went out riding afternoon took Charlie and Regine along they stayed for supper – Regine wraped a couple of Balls of yarn for me

Monday, October 17, 1938

Washed clothes and did all the ironing – lovely day – Roast for supper – took Bath and monkeyed around all evening did 5 blocks

Tuesday, October 18, 1938

Walked to library – Moe walked with us – light supper – June over so we went to Show – Ozie Nelson & Harriet Hillard - Rivioli

[Hmm… not sure what she saw since I can’t find any joint film appearances for Ozzie and Harriet until 1943]

Wednesday, October 19, 1938

I spent most of day cleaning – Frank out all night playing bridge – Sewed all the Tan blocks together – heard Fred Allen & Mirian Hopkins

Thursday, October 20, 1938

Down town – Had treatment – lunch with Dora – got some more yarn – Saw Mrs. Paine and new house – Supper at Mothers so cold went to Beach

Friday, October 21, 1938

Cleaned house – Billy came out after school so we went to show Paramount saw Ritz Brothers good – had coffee and hamburgs before coming home

[The Ritz Brothers film was probably Straight Place and Show, a comedy starring the Ritz Brothers and Ethel Merman]

Saturday, October 22, 1938

Sent Bill to show afternoon and then instead of going out evening went to Bed at 9 o’clock – I’m foolish to miss this

Sunday, October 23, 1938

Had 4 lb chicken dinner – took Billy home and staid for supper – Gladys & Francis there – Have a new game called chinese checkers

Monday, October 24, 1938

Washed and ironed all in one day and still felt able to go evening – Have about 1/3 of afghan done hope to finish it by December

Tuesday, October 25, 1938

Mrs. Brown and us walked clear down to point – got Baby some cute gloves – Beautiful days we are having – letter from Sam & Sara – Frank gone even.

Wednesday, October 26, 1938

Cleaned up early so I could take a walk – but didn’t get out. Made Jelly – Hamburg for Supper

Thursday, October 27, 1938

Norma one year old – What a long year this was but she is so darling and cute – got her a big teddy Bear & coat set – Mother here for day – gave her a panda bear and train toy – Franks dad in Hospital

Friday, October 28, 1938

Had 2 teeth filled – Have 4 others to fix yet – Jean gave me a treatment – lunch together – stopped at Mothers – stayed at hospital – Father Sherman there

Saturday, October 29, 1938

[shorthand] Worries over for another month – hot in the house – took walk met Mae Ryman – gave Halween kids cider and doenuts – letter from Luella – Played chinese checkers

Sunday, October 30, 1938

Cleaned up house and sewed on afghan – took Cealia and family over to hospital & home – Many & Virg over for evening – played checkers – gave Norma Blue dress for Birthday

Monday, October 31, 1938 – Hallowe’en

Couldn’t wash so sewed and pressed clothes – steak for supper - rode with Frank to deliver hits – Such beautiful days never saw anything like

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