Helen's Diary

This is a transcription of some diaries I bought at an antique store near Toledo, Ohio. When the diary starts in January 1937, Helen is a young wife and soon to become a new mother. If you wish to read it, it's best to start with the first post - January 1937 (my oldest post) - and then follow along with her everyday life.

May 26, 2008

March 1938

Tuesday, March 1, 1938

Worked all morning on budget – spent $167 last month [$2149.00 today] want to cut down on all expenses – argued most of evening because of not enough money saved.

Wednesday, March 2, 1938

Having so much trouble with my breast – don’t think they will ever heal – Letter from Sara & Sam [Frank’s sister] Never seem to get work done it seems.

Thursday, March 3, 1938

Managed to get out this evening – Lova Austin over – stopped at Dr but too busy so saw Show – lets Sing again – Fannie Brice – Judy garland

[Let’s Sing Again is a film from 1936 with Bobby Breen, the child singer, and Henry Armenta. Allan Jones, Judy Garland and Fannie Brice starred in Everybody Sing]

Friday, March 4, 1938

Billy [her brother] came down so we went to Dr. & had foot taped up – Went to hospital & saw Virginia & Manuel – Ginny not so good – brought ice cream

Saturday, March 5, 1938

Made a cake and got ready for town – got a new dress shoes hose gloves and everything – even music $28.00 all together [$360.00] – cleaned house late.

Sunday, March 6, 1938

Worked like the duece until 2 o’clock – Dolores Betty Howard & Toots here – out to Mothers for supper – home about 10 P.M. – Baby so fussy today

Monday, March 7, 1938

Didn’t accomplish much today – took a walk to A& P store so tired tonight – Frank out for evening – Toots and I listening to radio – Wrote letters

Tuesday, March 8, 1938

Toots and I having a fine time – roast lamb for supper – Meyer here for supper – Toots and I went to Rivoli saw Young China on Sarah [?]

Wednesday, March 9, 1938

Hurried with Babies bath so we went down town – bought Norma buggy & 2 new dresses – rested some afternoon and all played cards evening

Thursday, March 10, 1938

Toots went with Frank on run – got baby buggy today and so Baby and I went for a walk – saw Mrs. Hickey – Frank played bridge out

Friday, March, 11, 1938

Had hair waved – afternoon and made cake to take along – Toots also made sponge cake – Went to see Virginia brought Manny home for night – green ice cream

Saturday, March 12, 1938

Rushed through morning – Toots helped went to Cleveland – arrived at 6. supper at grandmothers – Evening at Fred’s & Delores – Feed Baby at 11 & back to Delores for lunch

Sunday, March 13, 1938

Baby fine all night – out to see Dave and Bee – dinner at 1:30 at Luellas – came home in 3 hours – Baby is so darling – evening had snack and read

Monday, March 14, 1938

So tired from trip – moved Bed room furniture around and did wash.

Tuesday, March 15, 1938

Took Baby to the Doctor and he says more to eat for her – bottled milk more cereal – Will I ever live through these hours of work – Frank out half the night tuesday – terrible Electrical storm

Wednesday, March 16, 1938

Another rainy afternoon – started to iron but too tired – My feet and back and my eyes so tired – I hope I never have any more babies

Thursday, March 17, 1938

Franky home late so much trouble with work – Had Miss Austin stay with Baby and went to show – Hurricane at World – Frank not feeling good.

[The Hurricane is an action film starring Dorothy Lamour, Jon Hall and Mary Astor]

Friday, March 18, 1938

Went down town – got new hat & things for Baby – Beautiful day – Mother & I took walk – Frank harder than Hell to get alone with.

Saturday, March 19, 1938

A Beautiful spring day – Franky rushed home and we went for drive – visited Shermans and drove out in West Toledo – Went to bed early.
Sunday, March 20, 1938

Thought I’d never get through day – Went for drive stopped at Ganches [Manny & Virginia] to see Virginia – light lunch at home and Read – Franky sleeping

Monday, March 21, 1938

Beautiful day went for walk over to Violets & Aunt Claras – Baby very good – home in time to clean up – Went to see Tobacco Road (took Mother) liked it very much

[They may have seen the play Tobacco Road, since it wasn’t adapted as a movie until 1941]

Tuesday, March 22, 1938

Washed clothes and cleaned house – Worked so hard all day – letter from Toots – had omelets for supper – went to bed about 9 o clock

Wednesday, March 23, 1938

Wrote letter to Sam & Sara – Baked a cake & muffins – Maccorni for dinner. I never get anything done – Bed early – Franky to bed early too – I would like to paint

Thursday, March 24, 1938

Its always noon before I get started even – Lova stayed with Baby while we went house hunting – stopped at Max & Claras – Stopped at Lauras – afternoon

Friday, March 25, 1938

[shorthand] have a sore throat but stomach hurt worse – ironed all day – Frank not home for supper out looking for a house – Went to Bed early feeling so miserable

Saturday, March 26, 1938

Mom & Dad got new Buick – Went out with Baby afternoon looking again – found a place we like if we can only get it. It will be swell – My throat very very sore

Sunday, March 27, 1938

Frank brought me some throat tablets and it helped – Max and Clara here – Mae & Phil here – supper alone – Evening – Manny & Virg – Aileen & John – played cards cake & ice cream

Monday, March 28, 1938

Still don’t know if we can get place on Lyman Rd. – I’m in a nervous stew – Washed some curtains – Frank gone evening – practiced piano for change

Tuesday, March 29, 1938

Going to move tomorrow – Mary Jane over afternoon helped me – Evening Virginia & Manny helping – I hope I don’t move again what a mess but we are getting a nice place

Wednesday, March 30, 1938

Mother & Dad down – terrible time with movers – 23.75 – [$305.00 today] rained – got out here about 6 – stayed at Mothers for night – Franky & Brothers came out & put furniture in place

Thursday, March 31, 1938

What a day – got stove connected gas on & telephone is La 6360 – chop suey for supper – ran sliver in finger & had to have Dr. taylor cut it out – Mary Jane here

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