Helen's Diary

This is a transcription of some diaries I bought at an antique store near Toledo, Ohio. When the diary starts in January 1937, Helen is a young wife and soon to become a new mother. If you wish to read it, it's best to start with the first post - January 1937 (my oldest post) - and then follow along with her everyday life.

April 26, 2008

February 1938

Tuesday, February 1, 1938

Rose worked today – so I got around alone – Terrible mix up in the numbers. Frank not home for supper and not until late – I’m so worried

Wednesday, February 2, 1938 – 14 weeks

Mother came from town and brought me a lot of things, Baby hangers & bibs – Had hot dogs for lunch – Chop suey for supper – Frank sick about his job

Thursday, February 3, 1938

Frank so miserable I could hit him – came home same way but a little quite – Number racket on last legs he says – fixed curtains & making pillow case

Friday, February 4, 1938

Frank home so late that Rose had to leave and we had to do the dishes – Franky getting sore because of all the dishes & work he has to do

Saturday, February 5, 1938

Rosie & girl friend here this A.M. had to leave early again – I don’t know what we’re paying her for – always has to leave – enjoyed radio programs

Sunday, February 6, 1938

Billy here all night – got out today first time in a month – so terrible muddy – Frank had to carry me – over to folks –ride – salami and home

Monday, February 7, 1938

Rose back but only stayed until Frank got home – I hope I never have to see her again – left me in kind of a mess but I don’t care

Tuesday, February 8, 1938

Home all day and managed fine – made a pie and bisquits – Frank helped with everything – Bed early at 7 o’clock

Wednesday, February 9, 1938 – 15 weeks

Had some pictures taken of the Baby – in a stew alright letter from Toots she is expecting in July – quite evening at home

Thursday, February 10, 1938

Larry brought proofs of pictures – struggled through the day somehow but I’d rather be alone than be bothered with company – Frank out all night practically

Friday, February 11, 1938

Mother and Dad here all day – Broiled hot dogs for lunch – Dr. here and took cast off my foot – says I can walk some but I don’t think it will ever be alright

Saturday, February 12, 1938

Race number so Franky working late – Made a cake – Hamburg and Jello for supper – Manny & Virginia here all night – played monopoly – Bill [her brother] here also – so tired

Sunday, February 13, 1938

Went out to Mothers for the day – whole family for ride in the afternoon – evening show Paramount Sonja Henie Happy landings – enjoyed it so much but my ankle about killed me

[Happy Landing is a musical comedy starring Sonja Henie, Don Ameche and Ethel Merman]

Monday, February 14, 1938 – St. Valentine’s Day

I’m so discouraged – my foot pains so – gave Franky carton of cigarettes – He brought home Fannie Farmer candy and stayed away all night. What a difference the Baby made.

Tuesday, February 15, 1938

Washed clothes and got along fine – Martha Davids here – Frank gone again for evening – He can’t love me anymore – every night gone

Wednesday, February 16, 1938 – 16 weeks

Went out to Mothers to stay for awhile – took a bath and took tape off foot, Its so sore I can hardly walk – Went to see Holden’s twins

Thursday, February 17, 1938

Mother has all the work now – I’m resting fine – Frank not home for dinner – Went to Dr. Taylor and had foot taped again – cost so far $22 [$283.00 today] guess I’ll be careful

Friday, February 18, 1938 – still with Folks

I’m certainly getting extra lazy – feel lousy – Took Norma to Dr. – Weight 11 lb 13 ½ oz – length 24 ½ inches – She’s so good – gets carrots & Beef Brouth now – Gin highballs & cards

Saturday, February 19, 1938 [shorthand]

Have a very bad stomach ake but feel relieved – Ice every where – Frank home late – Had some cocktails and talked – read about all the stories in the house

Sunday, February 20, 1938

Went to show - State – afternoon – took Darwin & Bill along – Home for supper then bundeled up Baby and came home – Mrs Austin not expected to live

Monday, February 21, 1938

Managed to get laundry down and make supper and got in an hours rest – Mrs Austin died at 6 P.M. – I feel so bad – how could I face death in my own kin

Tuesday, February 22, 1938

Sent flowers to Austin’s – cleaned house & washed dining room windows. Frank not home for supper so had a rest – Having a time with my breast

Wednesday, February 23, 1938

Funeral today of Mrs. Austin but couldn’t go – Finally got flower planted – empty waste baskets & garbage and went to sleep – had chow mein for supper – simply love it – Frank out for even.

Thursday, February 24, 1938

Ironed and worked hard all day – had grilled cheese sandwiches & soup for dinner – Mother over in evening so went to show – snow White and Seven dwarfs – it was adorable – hot dogs

[Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is the animated Disney classic]

Friday, February 25, 1938

Finished ironing – have a time with my breasts – there so sore – using glyserine & Bori acic now – hamburg for supper – took bath and went to Bed

Saturday, February 26, 1938

Letter from Dave & Bee – have to clean house – intended to go town but it rained hard Frank wouldn’t let me – loafed all evening – Bed early

Sunday, February 27, 1938 – Baby 4 months old

Got ready by 3 P.M. and took baby out for ride – stopped at Sherman’s – left baby long enough to eat at Edison’s – Luella & Bill [aunt and uncle] & Mother & Dad here even.

Monday, February 28, 1938

Luella & Bill here for supper so worked hard all day – had rolled rib roast and custard pie – Bill & Frank went to Basket game


Baby growing is double her birth weight – I’m so glad I can walk again

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