Helen's Diary

This is a transcription of some diaries I bought at an antique store near Toledo, Ohio. When the diary starts in January 1937, Helen is a young wife and soon to become a new mother. If you wish to read it, it's best to start with the first post - January 1937 (my oldest post) - and then follow along with her everyday life.

May 28, 2008

April 1938

Friday, April 1, 1938 – Frank’s Birthday [he’s 30]

Had chicken soup & chicken – made a cake & gave Franky cigarettes – so tired didn’t go out I’m very pleased with new house. Everything clean & bright

Saturday, April 2, 1938

Virginia came out with Frank – made lunch – went to store – Manny out evening – they played cards – I slept – I’m so tired at night I can’t keep awake

Sunday, April 3, 1938

I wish I didn’t have to cook Sundays – Virg & Manny polished furniture – I put a lot of things away – Vivian Elmer John & Amelia out – dead again tonight

Monday, April 4, 1938

Cleaned up some ironed some – Hamburg for supper – Secretly I wish I was working again – or maybe I don’t but too much house work – Franky out

Tuesday, April 5, 1938

Regine Swartz & Baby visited me – took Norma to Dr. Weight 14 lbs 2 oz – She is so darling – ate at Edison left baby at Shermans – Franky out even. wrote letters

Wednesday, April 6, 1938

Got new laundry tubs so did laundry – wish I had a washer – good supper I ate like a pig – I got to lose about 10 pounds – bed early

Thursday, April 7, 1938

Ironed 2 pair curtains – got cool – looks like I’ll never get through around here – lamb chops – trouble with sink F. tried to fix it – couldn’t

Friday, April 8, 1938

Did the whole weeks wash by hand – had light supper – Franky got Bill [her brother] so we went to Westwood theater saw Miriam Hopkins in Wise Girl (cute) Very cold

[Wise Girl is a comedy starring Miriam Hopkins and Ray Milland]

Saturday, April 9, 1938

Went down town but so crowed didn’t get much done – Billy stayed with Norma – My feet hurt – got kitchen curtains & bottel sterilizer – Sent Bill to show evening

Sunday, April 10, 1938

Took short ride – ice cream cones – hamburgs for lunch – Billy along – evening – show Palace – a Yank at oxford – Beef Barbeques at Bud & Lukes

[A Yank at Oxford is a comedy starring Robert Taylor, Lionel Barrymore, Maureen O’Sullivan and Vivien Leigh]

Monday, April 11, 1938

Billy here – ironed & washed some – Frank took Bill home & stayed out half of night – I went to Bed early since I was dead tired – never seem to get setteled

Tuesday, April 12, 1938

Work or no Work decided to take a walk with Baby – went to hardware store and got some misc. leftovers for dinner – Show with Regine at Westwood

Wednesday, April 13, 1938

Did most of ironing and took Baby for walk – went to library – got Book for Making friends from Dan Carnige – evening home moving furniture around

[The books was most likely “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie]

Thursday, April 14, 1938 – Mother’s Birthday [She’s 40]

Had folks and kids here for dinner – ham & cake with ice cream – they left about 8:30 went right to bed – I have to stay up late & get up early

Friday, April 15, 1938 – good friday

Billy here – he’s certainly a good brother – got hair cut – cleaned house & washed – Show – Paramount – In old Chicago – met Frank & had to wait while he finished job

[In Old Chicago is a musical starring Tyrone Power and Alice Faye]

Saturday, April 16, 1938

Managed to get down town by 1: P.M. Bought baby Blue coat & hat 2 dresses – for Easter – Wish I was thinner – Frank in Bed & me up – 1:00

Sunday, April 17, 1938

Easter Sunday – up late but managed to get out for ride – Stoped at Dot & Jims but not home – over to Sherman – left baby while we went to Edison for supper

Monday, April 18, 1938

Wash Babies things – guess I’m always making milk or something but love Baby so – Frank out evening – he is terribly groutchy

Tuesday, April 19, 1938

Baby has cough and so had to keep her in – plenty of work for me inside – So many things I’d like to do but feel guilty if I even sit down.

Wednesday, April 20, 1938

In the house all day so made F stay home while I went to library – Would like to read lots of book but how can I

Thursday, April 21, 1938

Reading Victory of England – like English History very much – Have so much to do and yet I fiddel around – I don’t like work all the time – Never done – down town – Baby at Mothers

Friday, April 22, 1938

Washed everything including sheets – thought I’d never finish – soup & egg mess for supper – Frank played ball awhile - Read & fixed curtains

Saturday, April 23, 1938

Stayed up from 6 on – ironed – Babys new Bed & high chair came – N just wont stay under covers – She is such a darling – Bed early – Wish I was never tired

Sunday, April 24, 1938

Cleaned house – Mom & Pop stoped & took us for ride up to Brian – saw Baby lambs & calfe – almost as dear as Norma – all here for supper – all tired out

Monday, April 25, 1938

Washed Babies things – made apple cake – Norma is so dear – Harry Sherman [Frank’s 23 year old brother] stayed with her while we went out – I saw show with RS at Westwood (good)

Tuesday, April 26, 1938

Sitting on porch in Sun – Beautiful day – Baby ate lunch in her new high chair – walked to store & saw Regine for a while

Wednesday, April 27, 1938

Walked over to Mae Riman’s – She had lunch for us and came home about 3 - Borrowed Jewish book from her – Sent Frank to library for Prodigal Parents – Sinclair Lewis

[Mae Riman was born January 12, 1905 and died in Toledo January 28, 1970. She was widowed at the time of her death.]

[The Prodigal Parents (1938) by Sinclair Lewis, a disappointing satire that pokes fun at the radical offspring of another Babbitt-like hero.]

Thursday, April 28, 1938 – Billy’s Birthday [Her brother Bill is 12 today]

Took exercises and felt guilty because I couldn’t see Bill – Read book every chance I get – Round steak for supper – Eat too much

Friday, April 29, 1938

Washed Babies things – took exercises and Bath – took Norma to Dr. – Weighs 15 lbs 11 ounces – had diphtheria enouckulations – hamburger for supper – ironed some evening

Saturday, April 30, 1938

Baked strawberry short cake & pie – fixed light supper – Virginia & Manny here & stayed night – played pitching ball in waste Basket in living room

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