Helen's Diary

This is a transcription of some diaries I bought at an antique store near Toledo, Ohio. When the diary starts in January 1937, Helen is a young wife and soon to become a new mother. If you wish to read it, it's best to start with the first post - January 1937 (my oldest post) - and then follow along with her everyday life.

January 1, 2008

April 1937

Thursday, April 1, 1937 – Frank’s Birthday

Besides 1 hat got some cigarettes for him – 29 years old – ate at George & Harry’s – Evening over to Moire Hermans – they have a cute baby. Wonder if ours will be cute of course.

Friday, April 2, 1937

Didn’t do much today – Worked on table cloth – Supper – Chicken soup & salad – took walk with Frank near Park & Home.

Saturday, April 3, 1937

Cleaned house lightly and called in grocer’s so we had lunch home – Rested afternoon – Williams pie & ice cream. Rivolli – Sing me a Song – good

[Sing Me a Love Song is a musical starring opera singer James Melton and Patricia Ellis]

Sunday, April 4, 1937

Big breakfast – Bacon & eggs – did dishes made Bed – Ride afternoon looking for places to rent – Supper Bud & Lukes – Show – Maytime – with Manny/Virg

[Maytime is a musical starring Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy]

Monday, April 5, 1937

Intended to go shopping but went with Frank instead. Kind of tired – cube steak sandwiches for supper. Frank went to Y for even.

Tuesday, April 6, 1937

Washed table cloths – But to tired to iron them – Frank so stiff and sore couldn’t move. Bed early.

Wednesday, April 7, 1937

Ironed the table cloths

Thursday, April 8, 1937

Cleaned house very good and re arranged furni. Frank discovered curtains so put them up – Home.

Friday, April 9, 1937

Down town – Bought more curtains to match and had Finger wave at Lion store

Saturday, April 10, 1937

Lunch ready for Frank but he would he down town. Late afternoon Show – Rivolli - Fletcher Henderson (TERRIBLE) Frosted malted milk

[Fletcher Henderson (1897-1952) was a popular Big Band leader]

Sunday, April 11, 1937

Waffels – had car washed & watch Frank play baseball – dinner Edison – Detroit – took Max & Clara along – Greenfield Village - Show – Michigan – King steps out

[The King Steps Out is a musical starring Grace Moore and Franchot Tone]

[Greenfield Village consists of over 80 historic structures that were built in different parts of the United States at different time periods, providing life-size snapshots of homespun American architecture and industry. Originally, the village was intended as a hands-on classroom where students could learn both old and new technical skills. There's still a fair amount of hands-on learning that goes on here, but Ford opened it to the public in 1933.
Some of the buildings in the village are the homes and workshops of the people who invented modern America — Ford's old Michigan homestead is there, along with Edison's New Jersey laboratories, and — of course — the Wright brother's home and bicycle shop. ]

Monday, April 12, 1937

Washed curtains & Bed spread – Had to have Mary Jane help me – Tuna salad & soup for supper - Frank out.

Tuesday, April 13, 1937

Did I work today – washed Bedroom ½ windows & wood work – Bath and had swell supper ready – Show – The last of Mrs. Cheney

[The Last of Mrs. Cheyney is a drama starring Joan Crawford, William Powell and Robert Montgomery]

Wednesday, April 14, 1937 – Mother’s Birthday [She’s 39]

Took mother down town & got her birthday present (grey purse) went with her to Guild – very nice time. Supper at Moms

Thursday, April 15, 1937

Dot here all day – It would be raining – Jim here also for supper – Had a very pleasant day – I always like company

Friday, April 16, 1937

Very lazy – read all day – ironed some – Left overs for supper. 3rd visit to the Dr. All O.K. Show – Paramount – Swing High

[Swing High, Swing Low is a musical starring Carole Lombard and Fred MacMurray]

Saturday, April 17, 1937

Did about 2 days dishes. Cleaned house lightly – Lunch Franky brought home some hot dogs – ironed some – got Manny & Virg – played Ping Pong at Oclents [?] – Barbeque rips

Sunday, April 18, 1937

Rained so Frank could play ball – waffels just the same – supper home steak – Show – I drove car in after noon.

Monday, April 19, 1937

Finished ironing curtains heavens what a Job – thought I’d never finish – Home alone even. Frank playing poker again – sewed on table cloth.

Tuesday, April 20, 1937

Went after Mom & went down town – Spent about $10. [$133 today] Bought Bedroom lamps – Supper at Moms chicken – Frank played ball.

Wednesday, April 21, 1937

Went around run with Frank – he gave me money enough for table lamp – I like it – Show – Palace – Theodore goes wild.

[Theodora Goes Wild is a comedy starring Irene Dunne and Melvyn Douglas]

Thursday, April 22, 1937

Such rainy weather – read most of the day – Elmer & Vivian stopped over & Frank wasn’t home – phoned him twice.

Friday, April 23, 1937

Very angry with Frank – his pool game was more important than the fact I wanted him home! Ride for some Pop corn – Stopped at Dot & Jim’s.

Saturday, April 24, 1937

Felt rotton this morning – did dishes – Lunch of eggs – Slept afternoon – Show Rivoli – Crawford – organist – Devils Playground & Marion Hopkins.

[The Devil’s Playground is a drama starring Richard Dix and Dolores Del Rio]

Sunday, April 25, 1937

Waffels at Edison – watched Franks baseball game – Bud & Lukes for dinner – Visited Helen & Lew – evening ride – Hot dogs & home.

Monday, April 26, 1937

Up at 7 – out to mothers - washed all my laundry – cloudy all day – stayed there for supper – very tired tonight right to Bed.

Tuesday, April 27, 1937

Started on ironing but took me so long to streighten house didn’t do much – Planning meals is getting me down – Franks Playing ball.

Wednesday, April 28, 1937 – Billys Birthday [Her brother Bill is 11 today]

Ironed practically all day – But not so tired – I seem to be able to do a lot more – Frank played ball – Home with ice cream – gave Bill Fish Pole.

Thursday, April 29, 1937

Toots & Howard married.

Friday, April 30, 1937




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