Helen's Diary

This is a transcription of some diaries I bought at an antique store near Toledo, Ohio. When the diary starts in January 1937, Helen is a young wife and soon to become a new mother. If you wish to read it, it's best to start with the first post - January 1937 (my oldest post) - and then follow along with her everyday life.

August 7, 2008

March, 1939

Wednesday, March 1, 1939

Have terrible cold – finished ironing this morning but canceled sewing class – Strawberry Short cake for supper – played checkers & bed

Thursday, March 2, 1939

Feel slightly better took walk with Baby to point with Mrs Herrald – Frank couldn’t stay home had to go away – Sewed – Bath

Friday, March 3, 1939

Down town on Radio interview – lunch with Martha at Williams – Show – Pagmallion – Met Frank at 4:30 – Supper at Fireside – Baby up every hour

[Pygmalion, based on the George Bernard Shaw play, stars Leslie Howard and Wendy Hiller]

Saturday, March 4, 1939

Made some beautiful curtains – cleaned house – Betty here so we went out – corn beef sandwiches – Show – Gonga Din at Panthan – Waffels

[Gunga Din is an adventure film starring Cary Grant, Victor McLaglen and Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.]

Sunday, March 5, 1939

Up early to lanes – Eggs for lunch – Rode around afternoon – Supper at home – listened to all good Radio programs & sewed blocks together

Monday, March 6, 1939

Letter from toots she is going to move by herself – Washed afternoon – liver for Supper – Frank gone evening so late

Tuesday, March 7, 1939

[shorthand] Frank had to monkey around – ironed and felt miserable – Browns have new radio – went up to see it – Norma still don’t sleep

Wednesday, March 8, 1939

Finished ironing – finall cleaned house – Sewing class – played Honey moon bridge rest of night – Sort of fun

[The name Honeymoon Bridge can be applied to any adaptation of Contract Bridge for two players. There are several versions. All of them use a 52-card pack, with suits and cards in each suit ranking as in Bridge. Scoring is the same as in Rubber Bridge.]

Thursday, March 9, 1939

Mother here all day we walked to point – my feet hurt so glad to get home again – Frank went out all night playing bridge

Friday, March 10, 1939

Down town – Bath, hair set – Purple cow hamburg – bought material for 2 dresses & slip – Mother’s for Supper – home early

Saturday, March 11, 1939

Made custard pie – rode all afternoon with Frank Norma so cross – cutting a lot of teeth – home together & bed early

Sunday, March 12, 1939

Over to see Max & Clara – Stopped to see new brick home – Dora Aumend & Earl over stayed for supper and evening – played rummy

Monday, March 13, 1939

So tired this morning could hardly get up – Washed afternoon – took Bath and took Baby outside for walk – Went to bed at 8:30 Both of us

Tuesday, March 14, 1939

Mother came over today so I could go to Singer – learned how to put in Zipper – Beautiful day – Frank gone so I figured out Budget

Wednesday, March 15, 1939

Put sleeves in dress – Walked down to Singer ate at Meinerts – finished hem – Frank wants it shorter so I’ll have to re do it

Thursday, March 16, 1939

All day putting in hem – hamburg loaf for Supper – Sewed on blocks – took Bath & mad Frank mad at me – Norma cross

Friday, March 17, 1939

Went out to Mothers worked on blue suit Dot over – met Frank at 4:30 Show Valentine – Stage Coach – good – Barbeque at Bud & Lukes

[Stagecoach is a western starring John Wayne and Claire Trevor]

Saturday, March 18, 1939

Finished blue suit fits pretty good – Frank got us about 4 – terribly cold when we got home plants froze & everthing – Bathe & bed

Sunday, March 19, 1939

Cleaned slightly – Ride took Cealia home and home afternoon – Ride when Baby woke up – Donna Jean Marrage here – We saw Kentucky at Westwood

[Kentucky is a horse racing movie starring Loretta Young and Walter Brennan]

Monday, March 20, 1939

Washed with Baby upstairs in Playpen and she kept crying – it made me so nervous

Tuesday, March 21, 1939

Ironed and walked down to point

Wednesday, March 22, 1939

Surprised that mother here all day – Went to Singer afternoon & Evening – last lesson – Bacon omete lunch afterwards when Reds stopes in

Thursday, March 23, 1939

Dishes and dirty house – Walked down to point with Mrs Brown – Frank polished trunk of car – Warm 70 degrees outside

Friday, March 24, 1939

Down town all day – got blouse shoes & had a bath – Jean making Norma knited coat – Frank sore because I left watch with Willis

Saturday, March 25, 1939

Couldn’t manage to do anything this morning – Norma so cross – Ride with Frank afternoon – Betty here P.M. – Saw Padrewsky & Mosketters – Chow Mein at Recreation

[The Three Musketeers is an action film starring Don Ameche and the Ritz Brothers]

Sunday, March 26, 1939

Took baby and visited at Manny’s & Virginias Brought Baby home for nap later on Ride cake & ice cream for supper – Bed at 9

Monday, March 27, 1939

I thought I would lose my mind with Norma getting into everything – did finish wash – Walked to Mienerts – fish for supper – Frank gone even

Tuesday, March 28, 1939

Frank bothered me until almost 11 only did part of ironing – letter from Luella – answered this P.M. – Walked down to Mienerts with Regine

Wednesday, March 29, 1939

Frank left late again – cleaned house finished ironing – did 18 blocks & sewed them on – Frank gone to basket ball game – Raining and cold

Thursday, March 30, 1939

Got work all done so Norma with Cealia and went with Frank – Supper at Bud & Lukes – made 18 blocks today – Norma so glad to see us

Friday, March 31, 1939

Left Baby with Mother and went down town had hair set & Bath bought shoes – Stopped over to Jeans house – Baby cried she just daresn’t be like that


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